Monday, 21 January 2008

My Comp Is Really Dying on Me... Oh No don't die yet you fool

It's 3am already and I haven't finish editing the floating market pics. Oh no. Who else can I blame other than ME and my going to go anytime computer. To save one pic it takes me almost 2 minutes. Aiyah. If only my comp is portable and I can take my time slowly edit all the pics in front of the tv or food. For the 1st time in my life I see the importance of a laptop- Multi tasking. Kenny really gotta find some money to buy Kenny a laptop.

But for the time being that's not the priority le. Fast fast go buy a DVD burner and get rid of all the loads in the computer and it will work super fine. Haha this means no Bangkok post for today coz ME going to sleep early for a change. Well 3 am is not early to most Malaysians but its pretty early compared to 7am.

Why am I sleeping early? That will need the emo blogging part. Here we goes again:

Ahhh... Today is another emo day with mum. I freaking waited for her 1 hr in my blardy hot car ( still no air-con) because she promise to be fast. Fast=1hr. I was so piss I almost gonna leave and ask her to call me once she is done. Well it's not that I wouldnt wanna do my part is just that she will never ever do as what she says. Not to mention all the me no own life thingy in the house. Don't want to go into details but she really doesn't have privacy respect (not those privacy le you sick ass) I mean the normal people will know is not good to do so those kind.

Haihz solution? well I'm gonna wake up at 9 average everyday starting this week and goes to gym for 3 hrs. Come back and straight away jump back into bed. Well it's much more healthier this way and I don't need to stuck in jam as I normally wakes up at 4 pm.

But one problem is am I able to skip my breakfast and lunch if I wake up so early? Kenny being Kenny will always embrace food. Embrace being crave. Sigh maybe I shall go to gym penniless with only money to pay for parking. Haha solution? We shall see. Better hit the bed now.

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