Tuesday, 29 January 2008


It's about time I'm gonna abandon this blog. Once and for all. Too emo to post anything up here!!! GOODBYE!!!

Not! Not been updating the blog is because I was anticipating for this post. It's my Blogie's 100th post. Happy 100th posting anniversary Blogie! Yeah. Since the 1st post I made about the stupid Pilot thingy post and now it's the 100th post. *Claps*

Clap la. My blog very hi-tech one you know. It can sense whether you clap anot. Now clap once and the blog will redirect you to the greatest porn on earth ever!

Okay my mistake, it's not ready yet. Clap three times again and click on the word porn!

This blog really served it's purpose until now and it had been almost half year. Many ups and downs through out this 6 months. Hope to able to blog more and entertain you guys as much as I can.

Well I think that's all I want to say and don't stop clapping until the next post in on.

P/S: I just notice that I've been wasting too much time being sad over things I have no control in and I am really stupid for doing that. So I promise myself to put that aside and be happy. I will be a happy Kenny. *yay*

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