Sunday, 31 August 2008

Merdeka! Are We?

No nice post for National Day this year... because I love Malaysia but I dislike my country...

National Day is the only day in the year where everyone are embracing how happy they are living together in a country.

But this year, despite the lack celebrations due to the cut down cost by the govt (which I 100% support), the message was sent across more effectively (in a bad way)

With a lame copied logo and "ya right...." slogan the people can really see what they should embrace and despise.

Merdeka logo has Taiwanese inspiration

Andrew Ong | Aug 29, 08 5:10pm

The 51st national day logo competition winner Anuar Dan has conceded that his creation was ‘inspired’ by a logo used by the Taiwanese government for its trade awards.

“It was used as a reference during my research,” said Anuar when contacted by Malaysiakini.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini was notified by a reader that Anuar’s creation bore a strong resemblance to the Taiwan Excellence Award logo - used by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) for several years already.

Anuar stressed despite his references to the Taiwanese logo - which is a registered symbol - he has incorporated many original ideas into his eventual design.

50 percent borrowed

This included the rounded edges along the six lines, the large dots used in the middle and the use of three colours of the Jalur Gemilang, the Malaysian flag.

“At most, I borrowed 50 percent (from the Taiwanese logo).

"If one was to use 100 percent of another person’s design, that would be unacceptable,” he said.

Anuar said that his creation, which resembled three figurines crossing hands, was suitable to represent the spirit of national day as it symbolised national and racial unity.

His national day logo was selected from 800 entries in a government sponsored competition. Anuar was awarded RM10,000 for his work.

Anuar, 48, has been an artist for 25 years and was a former officer in the National Art Gallery.

It's really surprising how they manage to keep the "essence" of the logo and theme song after so many years...

I think even RTM 1 and 2's logo is much more up to date... hmmm

And if you notice, every year they will remind us how hard it was to gain independence, how far we have come and how much we have developed. But is that a right message to send out to the people? Does that mean we can just tuck our hands away and enjoy the "development" we are having now?

So I shall end this ranting with a much more sincere song which I think can send out much more message than all the 51 years of theme song add up together...

Friday, 29 August 2008

The Star Education Fund 2008

Yeap I was there. Nope, not as a blogger... but I was invited because I'm a worthy and needy scholar (as quoted by them) lol

All the "scholars" were conned to wear freaking thick blazer and to arrive at 1.30 pm. Despite of me being very punctual, the VIPs are only "suppose" to come at 2.30pm.

As the "scholars" are supposed to wait for the VIPs, I sneaked out of the ballroom and went to the coffee house for tea and newspaper. :p

So at 2.30pm...tonnes of boring speeches took place and the scholars... listened...

NOT... camwhored!!! Erm, Bas, Gayathree (Taylors) and Ivy (Sunway)

The presenter for Taylors.

Then me and Bas (ex SMK Kepong) saw someone familiar...

It's Ms Moey Yoke Lai!!!!

OMGness she remembered me (my face)... lol... she was so happy that she told almost everyone that walked pass us...*point*point* my ex-students!!!

Then at last something all of us looking forward to...

Was not bad... comparing to the rest of the normal buffet style food... Eastin Hotel shows that it's kitchen is up to standard...

Lastly... I am very needy... still looking for ways to fund my Melbourne final year degree... so all the scholarships out there... please look for me!!!

Thanks The Star and Taylors again... and this is not an ad! Maybe next time I will charge!

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Updated:Pictures added! X2

Despite being damn busy (or lazy) I watched Wall-E and Death Race... Both was damn good!

Pictures to be added soon... SOON!

So last two weeks or so Ah Neh Neh ask me to go (fetch her to) watch Wall E. LOL!

And it was quite good. Only one word! Damn romantic. Can beat Titanic.

Worth RM12 weekend tickets.

The super tan Ah Neh Neh!

With Harry and his friend.

Wilson after work... lol project konon...

Me, Splashsusu, Harry and Wilson

Then last week, I went to the press screening of Death Race. Thanks to Nuffnang.

It was damn good as well. The actions, the cars, the babes... Imagine Gladiator vs Batmobile... you do the math!

Worth RM12 weekend tickets.

It was quite surprising to know that it is a remake of a 80's movie:

It is quite mind boggling that writters in the past can already foresee that US economy will fall greatly in the future... but they predicted somehow earlier... in 2000.

More pictures curi-ed from Karena's blog...

Me, Neh Neh, Logicyuan, Wilson

Ah Neh Neh looks much more scarier than the croc...

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Assignment

Assignment for Intro to Design. One of the subject that got nothing to do with Architecture (at least up to now)

So here it is.

Poster which is done in 2 hrs

Sunday, 24 August 2008

What The Fuel?

According to The Star ( I was in Genting and Ruums KL- so never watch news for 2 days), petrol price has reduce by 15 cents for the normal RON97 petrol... (I thought it will be on 1st of Sept?)

Damn it! I just noticed that I pumped petrol hours before it is announced! But whatever la, it's just a difference of few cents... wouldn't even hit another notch on my tank meter...

When it hike my meter dropped two notches

What a coincidence that it is "brought" forward... and it seems cabinet's decisions can be changed anytime... why aren't all these decisions made in the Parliament instead?

Hmm means I better renew my road tax earlier to get my RM625 and pump more petrol starting from today... or else they might even "scrap" it off... lol

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

After watching the trailer of Mama Mia! in the press screening of Death Race.

The damn Mama Mia song keep repeating in my head...

Mama mia, here we go again~~

What a appropriate time... with all the assigments due at the same time...I really wanna shout Mama Mia d!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Wimax is HERE!

Check out the plans and promotions at their site now... (I will blog about it in detail later) I keep making promises... please bear with me! Haha

At the meantime check out their commercial ads!

I like the Bollywood one alot... reminds me of Kok Hong when he used to hide behind trees in the school! :P

Monday, 18 August 2008

More and More Sketches

After sketching a big piece of A3 in a week, nothing can be worse.

But I was terribly wrong because the next assignment is a sequential sketching of 5 (freaking FIVE) A3 sketches in 1 week...haha

And it was a site visit to KL Sentral... means much more complicated lines and building without using ruler and mechanical pencils!

So at 8.30am, the whole Interior Design and Architectural Technology class with 4 lecturer's took the super slow KTM to KL Sentral!

So it was damn sien! And that's Shirley...

Shirley acting pro with half of Kimberly... Obviously no one really sit there and sketch... therefore camera flashes everywhere

More students on location... see those people sitting there? They are actually sketching!

The damn building is full of beams and skeletal looking cum useless pipes on the ceiling.

Supposed to draw this... as I say... I'm supposed but due to the time constrain and my

I opted for these instead:

Not really easy...

Especially this. I'm bad with with human figures...

My lecturer said that it will be better that I draw stick figure instead =.=

Okla, I will train on my human... just wait for my journal...

The five sketches are suppose to tell a story....the real thing actually have titles and descriptions which I think is ridiculous and spoils the whole thing...

So I took the pics before putting in the title...

And after a long day of sketching...this is the best meal I can ask for! Yum!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Beefy Affair

With the price hike on almost everything. Eg: my fave beef noodle=RM6 now, it's good to cook it yourself at home.

A big bowl of Beef Noodle (Thai Style) with tonnes of beef and spare

Somehow it makes me miss bout Bangkok even more...I so gonna backpack to Bangkok on bus this year end!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

P1 W1MAX in PC Fair 2008

Finally I got the real glance on the upcoming Wimax that is coming to us soon.

P1 set up a huge booth at the venue and gives out big paper bags through out the event

So, the next thing I did was to check out the modem...

The cool black modem the size of your sandwich bread (slightly bigger) which can be connected to you PC or laptop.

It can also be connected to your router so that u can have a wireless connection thru out the house with only using one modem... How cool is that?

Then, I checked out the speed and run the speed test

Pretty fast for a wireless and the guy there said that all the speed will be at average guaranteed.

Means you will get the speed you subscribe most of the time instead of the normal ISP's best effort speed which will never ever reach the speed you subscribe.

Then I tried how real it is by opening a 10 minutes Youtube video and it loads faster than it runs... Hmm I can really use that...

So that's all for now... Stay tuned for more to come!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

My favourite game of all time will definitely have to be Red Alert 2. It's like the very 1st computer game that I was introduced to at that time...

Yar, I'm slow and outdated...

But after so many years of gaming...sometimes my favourite games always makes me hate the real world...

I mean why is it in the gaming world, things are so much easier?

Don't agree?

Diablo II for instance...

All you have to do is walk around, opening stash or kill some small little animal...and

Waala... you get gold! In the real world, you have to wake up early in the morn, stuck in jam, do repetitive boring job, suck up to the boss... or even lick some *insert your %$#$ preferences* just to get a pay which can't buy you a peanut...

Or in Warcraft 3 or Dota

If you wish to go shopping in 1U and you are staying in Cheras....

Just use the Scroll of Town Portal and you will home in seconds... no petrol no polution and best no need to care bout petrol price hike...

Or if you are tired or worn out

Just gulp down a bottle of Mana Potion and your mojo/magic/energy will be restored.

Or worse... if you fail your examinations... then...

Just get yourself a Mystic Staff or something... it will automatically increase your intelligence... lol ya right *really challenging my intelligence now*

And the most recent game which I love would be, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

It's so illogical that tiberium (aka the source of all stuff) is laying around on the floor and it can be harvest and turn into everything... humans unit or building unit... don't even need an architect or engineer... lol if only... or else I can stop studying already!

But it will be very nice if we were to be in a gaming world, imagine when you are playing Counter Strike

You can own a sniper and shoot at enemies without even have to go for any training...

If only I can live in the world of my favourite games. Imagine the convenience and the amount of things I can just do with the end of my finger tips.

I can do assignment by buying a magical pen or go to movies by using a scroll and the best will be...

Being able to yumcha with my friends from Rawang, Kepong, Damansara, Cheras or even UK at the same time... Wahaha
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!