Sunday, 24 August 2008

What The Fuel?

According to The Star ( I was in Genting and Ruums KL- so never watch news for 2 days), petrol price has reduce by 15 cents for the normal RON97 petrol... (I thought it will be on 1st of Sept?)

Damn it! I just noticed that I pumped petrol hours before it is announced! But whatever la, it's just a difference of few cents... wouldn't even hit another notch on my tank meter...

When it hike my meter dropped two notches

What a coincidence that it is "brought" forward... and it seems cabinet's decisions can be changed anytime... why aren't all these decisions made in the Parliament instead?

Hmm means I better renew my road tax earlier to get my RM625 and pump more petrol starting from today... or else they might even "scrap" it off... lol

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