Thursday, 28 August 2008


Updated:Pictures added! X2

Despite being damn busy (or lazy) I watched Wall-E and Death Race... Both was damn good!

Pictures to be added soon... SOON!

So last two weeks or so Ah Neh Neh ask me to go (fetch her to) watch Wall E. LOL!

And it was quite good. Only one word! Damn romantic. Can beat Titanic.

Worth RM12 weekend tickets.

The super tan Ah Neh Neh!

With Harry and his friend.

Wilson after work... lol project konon...

Me, Splashsusu, Harry and Wilson

Then last week, I went to the press screening of Death Race. Thanks to Nuffnang.

It was damn good as well. The actions, the cars, the babes... Imagine Gladiator vs Batmobile... you do the math!

Worth RM12 weekend tickets.

It was quite surprising to know that it is a remake of a 80's movie:

It is quite mind boggling that writters in the past can already foresee that US economy will fall greatly in the future... but they predicted somehow earlier... in 2000.

More pictures curi-ed from Karena's blog...

Me, Neh Neh, Logicyuan, Wilson

Ah Neh Neh looks much more scarier than the croc...


Ju Ann said...

Who is that guy in pink tee with a black vest? Looks like your brother!

Kenny Choo said...

Nola... a fellow blogger... haha look like me meh? lol

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!