Wednesday, 13 August 2008

P1 W1MAX in PC Fair 2008

Finally I got the real glance on the upcoming Wimax that is coming to us soon.

P1 set up a huge booth at the venue and gives out big paper bags through out the event

So, the next thing I did was to check out the modem...

The cool black modem the size of your sandwich bread (slightly bigger) which can be connected to you PC or laptop.

It can also be connected to your router so that u can have a wireless connection thru out the house with only using one modem... How cool is that?

Then, I checked out the speed and run the speed test

Pretty fast for a wireless and the guy there said that all the speed will be at average guaranteed.

Means you will get the speed you subscribe most of the time instead of the normal ISP's best effort speed which will never ever reach the speed you subscribe.

Then I tried how real it is by opening a 10 minutes Youtube video and it loads faster than it runs... Hmm I can really use that...

So that's all for now... Stay tuned for more to come!


ti3nD said...

wah not bad not bad. if youtube can load faster than it plays, its like the speed that im using now, download can go up to 1mb/sec sometimes, very good!!!

fast fast come out (or already out), fast fast drop price, i definitely need one when i go back later. hehe.

Kenny Choo said...

Lol if you come back you sure damn sick of the connection here...haha don't come back

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost for the modem aubscription? Considering StreamyX packages is pretty costly enough.

Kenny Choo said...

the modem should be given free but the monthly subscription is still unknown. The people there still are very mysterious about the price.

But it is said that it will be launch on the 19th. So hopefully we shall know then!

ti3nD said...

true. i hav used to the speed here now. when i go back i sure get sick like all my friends who is so lazy to update blog since then. T.T

Kenny Choo said...

Lol the most important for me is to anything which cant stream fast youtube then i will be damn emo d!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!