Saturday, 27 September 2008

Freaking Hilarious

Is this old news or not? I really dunno. The only thing I know is that it is freaking funny!

And now watch this!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

It's a guitar, No, It's an alphabet, No, It's a Furniture

This is my furniture design for Intro to Design.

I spend my 1st night in Studio just to do this... not easy wei and that lecturer shortened and made it into a individual assignment because most of them didn't deliver during the poster design.

Wondering how the heck this thing work? Soon la... I will post one...

Computer damn lag now... So later ya? At the mean time guess how many alphabets are there in the design... the alphabet concept is really unintentional until I notice it at the very end... haha

Friday, 19 September 2008


Compare this...

No Need For Road Signs In Chinese

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 (Bernama) -- Unnecessary.

That has been the general reaction to the move by a group of Gerakan members to put up road signs in Chinese in Penang Monday.

While some view the move as an exercise in futility, other see it as an
attempt to challenge the position of Malay as the national language.

The group put up the signs at the Beach Street as well as at Burmah Road, Macalister Road, Carnarvon Street, Chulia Street and Jalan C. Y. Choy...

Versus this...

Tuesday September 16, 2008 (The Star)
Teresa in good spirits but dad says she is unwell

... She was also told that three charges against her were relating to issues on the azan, Islamic Department of Selangor (JAIS) and the use of Jawi words on road signs...

We want muhibbah road signs
February 14th, 2008 by DAP Seputeh

...In the Seputeh constituency, the residents in Taman Seputeh were the first to make noise over the road signs with Jawi words. I found out that many roads in Taman Tan Yew Lai have Jawi words now. I then called a second press conference a few days ago.

Today, the four DAP MPs in Kuala Lumpur presented a multilingual Muhibbah road sign board and a memorandum to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur.

The 4 DAP MPs presented the Muhibbah road signboard to En Shaari,
the PA to Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur....

Worse than kids... haihz...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Hiak Hiak Hiak

Spending a night in Studio to do assignments really cut me off from the updated news:

Eg:Anwar claims more than 31 MPs will cross over

Really interesting... but I'm more worried about the ISA case. With all these big huhah going around. People (politicians and media) will tends to chuck this away.

So here's an interesting one from Malaysia Kini which is "surprisingly" not available on the The Star:

Syed Hamid's U-turn on ISA arrests Sep 15, 08 3:37pm

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar has made a U-turn on a remark that he was not involved in the detention of three individuals under the Internal Security Act (ISA) last Friday.

According to a front-page report today in Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, Syed Hamid now said he had approved the detentions on behalf of the government, in carrying out his duty as a cabinet minister and not as any ‘outsider’.

His comments were apparently a rebuttal of cabinet colleague, de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim, who yesterday condemned the arrests and said he would quit if the government continues to use the ISA.

Hmm... really speechless... assignments are more important... ciaoz

Monday, 15 September 2008

Which Is The Cheapo One Out?

Malaysians being the cheapo nation, (as based to the success of Air Asia) are very money conscious.

So, when we are talking bout air tickets, mobile phone service provider, and now internet service provider, the 1st and most important factor will be price.

It can be damn good, but if it is expensive then it is out of the story. But if it's cheap and it cater to a minimal standard (like budget airlines) then it will most probably do the thing.

So, let's compare the price of the new Wimax vs TM Net Streamyx.


Monthly Subscription: RM99+ RM25 (phone rental)= RM124 per mth for 1 Mbps with modem
1st Payment: RM88 (installation) + RM75 (activation) + RM88 (subscription) = RM251


Monthly Subscription: RM89 per mth for 1 Mbps with modem
1st Payment: RM100 (registration) + RM50 (activation) + RM10 (stamp duty) = RM251

So which one will you choose? Don't forget the wireless and portability factor too... :)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Continuation of My Dream House

These are the 4 plans that I've been working on for one week. It's the same building as the previous plan.

The roof plan with a snow flake-like tree.

The front elevation.

How the side looks like...

And the cross section...

Coming soon will be the 3D drawing... still damn lazy to start it as another furniture assignment is going to due... *turning on Zombie mode*

Singapore Trip 2008 (Food: Part 1)

Finally I'm posting about Singapore. Haha busy weyh... lol... so keeping it short but sweet:

This few food posts will feature most of the food which is not available in KL... so to the peeps out there, freaking import this stuff in as soon as possible!

#1: Shokudo @ Raffles Place

Sounds like sudoku, the Japanese numbering game thingy...

It's like Marche @ The Curve but they only serve Japanese food.

They use card instead of passport.

They serve almost every single Japanese food which is available here:

From Rosti

to Soba


and Chawanmushi & Japanese dim sum?

I had

Beef Soba

Chicken Curry Rice for my sis...

The Soba was quite good but for the curry I still prefer the one from Sushi Groove @ 1U

#2: Marvelous Cream @ Citylink Mall

French ice cream from Japan... look at the commotion... macam very cheap like that!

Menu... damn expensive, even the box alone cost 7.80 SGD... =.=

Pre mixed, such as Tiramisu, Creme Brule and etc

Eat in or take away... it's all up to you...

Had Tiramisu, one of the best Tiramisu ice cream I had... must give two thumbs up

Custom made ones... damn pro looking. Done on a cold platform...

Nuts and Praline something something... look average but taste damn good... I rather have this than Hagen Daaz!

Judging from the way I type, I think I'm in serious lack of sleep... so, that's all for now... look out for part 2 and 3 and many many more!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Video's Up!

My group's Building Material project:

It took us forever to finish the video and thank god it turn out good.

Shout out: To my favourite-est *ahem* TE lecturer (yeap, she reads my blog... how scary)

Post about Singapore soon.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Finally got my Building Materials video done and another 4 plans drawn... No time to update my blog... so just stay tuned...

The video is 20 mins and Youtube only allows videos which are 10 mins long...

Thursday, 4 September 2008

P1 W1MAX Packages

As promised, the P1 W1MAX packages are launch and they are having promotion at the moment.

With the free modem, you will only have to pay RM89 per mth to get 1.2 Mbps. That's much more cheaper than Streamyx! And no fixed line needed.

And if you are worried of the big sum of registration fees, here's the deal:

It's only RM150 and installation is optional. It's just plug and play... how hard can it be?

But if you are looking for packages below 1.2's some:

I myself can't wait to get one but... my area are not covered... hmm

To this very moment the coverage are only at these selected places:

Gombak Jaya
Kampung Baru
KL City Center
Subang Hi-Tech
Subang Jaya

For more detailed locations of coverage, you can view it from here.

So for now, I shall wait till the word Cheras pop up in the list 1st... :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Floor Plans = No Sleep

So this is what I came out with after one sleepless night...

Not this of course... this is the photostated plan...

Not quite there yet... the pencil copy...

Finally the technical pen drawing... was quite bad as I'm still very weak in using the technical pen that cost 100 bucks...
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!