Thursday, 4 September 2008

P1 W1MAX Packages

As promised, the P1 W1MAX packages are launch and they are having promotion at the moment.

With the free modem, you will only have to pay RM89 per mth to get 1.2 Mbps. That's much more cheaper than Streamyx! And no fixed line needed.

And if you are worried of the big sum of registration fees, here's the deal:

It's only RM150 and installation is optional. It's just plug and play... how hard can it be?

But if you are looking for packages below 1.2's some:

I myself can't wait to get one but... my area are not covered... hmm

To this very moment the coverage are only at these selected places:

Gombak Jaya
Kampung Baru
KL City Center
Subang Hi-Tech
Subang Jaya

For more detailed locations of coverage, you can view it from here.

So for now, I shall wait till the word Cheras pop up in the list 1st... :)

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