Monday, 15 September 2008

Which Is The Cheapo One Out?

Malaysians being the cheapo nation, (as based to the success of Air Asia) are very money conscious.

So, when we are talking bout air tickets, mobile phone service provider, and now internet service provider, the 1st and most important factor will be price.

It can be damn good, but if it is expensive then it is out of the story. But if it's cheap and it cater to a minimal standard (like budget airlines) then it will most probably do the thing.

So, let's compare the price of the new Wimax vs TM Net Streamyx.


Monthly Subscription: RM99+ RM25 (phone rental)= RM124 per mth for 1 Mbps with modem
1st Payment: RM88 (installation) + RM75 (activation) + RM88 (subscription) = RM251


Monthly Subscription: RM89 per mth for 1 Mbps with modem
1st Payment: RM100 (registration) + RM50 (activation) + RM10 (stamp duty) = RM251

So which one will you choose? Don't forget the wireless and portability factor too... :)

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mintien said...

hmmmm, too bad wimax is still new lorh, my place juga tak dak, sobs.

it will be a good deal later on, for the seek of WIRELESS, hopefully the connection is stable lorh.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!