Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Right or Left Parted?

Few days ago I had my haircut. Not really excited after the cut, actually hated it very much. *kill the stylist*

What really happened is my regular stylist at Monsoon ID in 1U run off after killing the owner of Monsoon ID, the stupid Eddie Lee for having ugly hair. *lolz* Nola, I think he got a better place somewhere and I didn't got a chance to ask where he went as I never cut my hair for almost an month already!

So I was thinking, go where cut also the same as my regular stylist is no where to be found. So just cincai went to Jantzen in Mid Valley. But stylist and service are really bad despite the expensive price. 30% more expensive than Monsoon ID.

Was very pissed of with the result and was damn depressed cause can't even get out from the house due to the hair. *I'm not vain* So after spending few hours in the bathroom *normally 30 minutes*, I found the solution...

After some amendment and flipping the whole thing around... wala...

The left parted hairstyle of mine (parted should be according to the direction of the fringe right?).

Fyi, my hair use to be right parted. See!

Haha, the pictures are taken not out of vanity but a great discovery in the name of science, proving that hair are not only dead follicles but it can be mould to life. So now, go to your nearest mirror and part your hair to the other side, you might like it better!


And the picture also reminded me one thing, other than Hannah Tan is mine and hot, I'm on tv. Well, not like me in whole, but you can see my shirt and Lee Kheng's skirt. Lolz it's just a glance through.

But hey, only VVIP's get the chance to be glance thru in the Longchamps Grand Opening! You can see a small part of my T-shirt at 11:48 minute in the clip, I was talking to the salesperson with Lee Kheng. We plan to buy the bag at the side. *lolz*

Lolz that's just for fun. I'm not crazy over a small part of my T-shirt appearing on national TV, or maybe I am. But I just love 8tv so much. All the catch-up tv. It future it will have episodes of drama like Lost, Ugly Betty, Desperate Hsewives, ANTM and etc with a small fees.

And other than that, I found a very funny thing, it's a live spy cam in the 8TV office which is aired at all time 24-7. If you are lucky you will be able to see some funny things happening around the office.

I can't find any reason for the purpose of this spy cam other than catching the crew curi-tulang. But I just awaiting for some office scandal to be caught on tape very soon. Then 8TV will be banned forever as it is already in hot soup when the Faizal Tahir of OIAM took off his shirt at the 8TV live concert.

8TV is then banned from airing live shows for 3 months. Full story here. How ridiculous? Just because of a fat old man strips (see Pei Yee, you shouldn't have voted for him last time, Suki better!) and not that anyone is interested to see, like that also wanna punish the TV station. No brain betul. Mogok BN lagi! *lolz*


Now, for a more spiritual note. I found a damn nice, freaking interesting and muthafking addictive book. *I shall not use vulgar languages* It's called The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama.

Don't worry, it's has nothing to do with religion at all. I'm surprise Dalai Lama is much more modern than we think he is. Don't even expect that you will find stuff like Dharma or all the pujas in there.

It's all reasoning and answers to question we've been looking for all this time. It's really opened my eyes! *wink* Nothing much complicated about the book, it's just the conversation of the Dalai Lama and the caucasion co-author.

It has daily lives example on how we should be much more happier and it has reasoning to why looking for individual happiness is not really selfish after all. Because unhappy person is usually the one who is much more self centered.

It also enlighted me the real meaning of happiness and pleasure. *shines* Really, the things that we choose is normally led by pleasure than happiness. Having pleasure doesn't really guarantees happiness. This is why, some choices might not be pleasurable but at the end it will bring you true and lasting happiness.

I sound so holy suddenly. But the book really got me thinking alot. So conclusion, run to your nearest bookstore now and try to read one chapter of the book and you will fall in love instantly.

But I didn't buy it at last and bought this bargained book on bartending. *Hehe* It's really a good deal. I know I'm guilty and I will start chanting, Namo Tasa Bargavatho...

I will be back there tomorrow to continue reading the book until someone donates it to me. But anyhow the book really made my day!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Something New

Add on two new stuff at my blog. *eek* One of it are two little youtube clips which are cater each for the English and Chinese reader. For the rojaks, both will do. Hopefully I can find more interesting clips and update it everyweek. I think updating the tubes are much more easier than then blog. Hehe.

And a slideshow on the things I wanna buy or hopefully some of the people out there is kind enough to donate to me. Something to at least let me lust on and save some money to get it rather than investing all my money on my ever bigger stomach with burgers like Western Cheese Bacon Burger from Carl's Jr.

No updates on the blog coz busy busy busy until no time to edit any pictures. When I open back my folder then I notice I have so much outdated pictures which I haven't blog about yet. * blush*

But anyhow, here's something interesting for those who yet to know. You think Death Note is dead after Light and L died? Haha you guess wrong. *jeng jeng jeng*

Death Note 3- L: change the WorLd.

Opened in Japan, HK and Singapore already but yet to know whether will it open in Malaysia. If they ban it, let's all call our parents to mogok on BN *evil*. I think even if the allows it also people will not vote them also. *blek*

Oh yea, and today we celebrated Hao Ran's birthday. Happy birthday dude!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Headpain (don't like the word ache)!

Having severe headpain (my spelling checker note that it's a wrong word). No post today. Can't even type a full sentence properly. So this is what I wanna say:

  • >Changed layout.
  • >New song. Same annoying intro.
  • >Thanks Kevin for new banner. *hearts* it!
  • >Seriously thinking that the globetracker has something wrong with it.
  • >Who is from Peru, Italy, Sweden, Germany and bla bla bla... but thanks for droping by anyway!
  • >My guess are Singapore-my sis stalking me, Aus-Jess and Kelly, US-Shu Wei, Canada-Ken Han... but where is Japan-Kok Hong? You are back in KL d?
  • >It's so interesting to know that so mysterious people reads my blog. Identify yourself or else I will miss out some of you abroad and thinking all of you are strangers.
  • >For some reason I'm typing longer and longer sentences by now and my headpain is getting better as I blog. *bluek*
  • >Hundreds of pictures to be edited and blog about but just not in the mood of blogging it, so just stay tuned and hang on. *blog blog blog*
  • >Damn lazy nowadays and haven't finish preparing my application. *type type type*
That's all for now! Need to hit the bed. *oink*

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Today just sent my car to the workshop to repair the air-cond. *at last*. But there's lots more to fix on my car. And also if you notice I also fix the layout and size of my Chat Box and all the things beside it.

Just found out that some of the item can be customised the size to fit perfectly. But there's lotsa of trial and error and it's a very tideous job. But I'm very happy with the results.


I'm currently kinda stress out not that I want to be. But seeing everyone starting Uni and all really makes me worry about what the heck am I doing here. There's still some forms which I shtill haven't submitted yet. *haihz*

So bad that when I look in the mirror I come across this gross looking thing!

It's a grey hair. Not really grey. But it's like half white and half blonde. OMG I'm not only getting stress out, I'm getting not young too!


On another issue, while I'm browsing across STOMP, a Singapore news website for the younger generation and I read this article about this teenage boy being slash on the hand until his skin, muscle and nerves torn apart just because there's this group of people who doesn't like the way he walks.

=.= Singaporeans is not only so free and so violent as well. I thought the break in at my grandma's house is bad. OMG this is worse. What for you carried out a crime for no better reason. So damn bo liao.

The picture is too disgusting to be even posted here. I think I won't even read my own blog if I post it here. For those who is not faint hearted, here's the link to the full picture and story about this case.

Now, I'm having some second thought of going Singapore *lolz*. But to those who walks in a particular way beyond the ordinary, I think I shall advice you not to go Singapore. Sai Meng, better beware everytime you walk outside especially with your dai-lou-ish walking style.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Top Ten List of International Simon Cowell?

Just a short one after a long day...

The franchise of American Idol (originally Pop Idol) was such a craze that AskMen.com list out the top 10 International Simon Wannabe. And guess who is nominated?

Our very own Paul Moss is top 5. Yeah! Let's all cheer for our fellow Malaysian Idol judge. Not exactly a Malaysian (from NZ) but who cares.

He is credited for being very straight forward but still able to give some words of encouragement once a while unlike his Singapore counterpart, Ken Lim which only manage to get a spot at top 6.

Haha screw Ken Lim. *boo* hated him when he commented badly on Jaclyn Victor and eventually cause that blardy Hady Mirza to win the Asian Idol.

This is how the list fair:

Top 10: International Simons
1) German Idol- Dieter Bohlen
2)Australian Idol- Mark Holden
3) NZ Idol- Iain Stables
4)Poland Idol- Kuba Wojewodzki
5)Malaysian Idol- Paul Moss
6)Singapore Idol- Ken Lim
7)Canadian Idol- Zack Werner
8)Sweden Idol- All of the judges!
9)South African Idol- Randall Abrahams
10)West Africa Idol- Dede Mabiaku

Here is the full list and review on AskMen.com

While browsing I can't help to notice another copycat incident between Malaysia and Singapore. To make it simple. Malaysia has this One In A Million show to replace the idols.

While Singapore has this.

Live the Dream. Notice the similarity in the logo and there's more similarity in the show as well as the host is a Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 which can't stop reminding me of Marion Caunter of OIAM.


Fuck wei! I'm not over reacting with my vulgar words, but while I'm typing this post my grandmom's house which is like next door to mine just got broke in. OMG man!

They were all tied up and luckily nothing happen to them. They just took money and FD slips (idiots). Really not educated. As if you can cash in FD slips. My aunt was pretty cool and she is always very chill. *Salute!* But my two cousin sis was terrified to hell. Luckily nothing happen to any of them.

But it's not over yet. While I'm typing this the burglars are still here pointing a knife at my to make sure that I mention their leng chai (ugly) face to the world. Lolz maybe I shall not make fun about all this things. But according to my aunt, it seems that they are those Indon working with the developers to repair on defects. WTF? This country is so unsafe and the freaking police took 25 mins or so to reach. =.=

Just glad that everyone is fine!

Updates: Damn freaking scary when I think back about the break in. Once they are in there's nothing much you can do bout it. And watever locks or alarm you have they have a way to counter it. It seems that they even cast a voodoo (jampi) outside the house so that you all will be deeply in slumber.

The spell consist of them eating and shitting. WTF? Real shitting man. =.= And my aunt's indon maid use to say that there's a way to counter the spell by putting a mortar and pestle (lesung batu- the one used for menumbuk cili) filled with water at the door.

Actually I heard sound yesterday but it was kinda normal for like soft sounds at the back alley. I was blogging actually that time. They are seriously very professional. Not much sound was made. I only aware when my cousin shouted, but then they are in the house already and preparing to leave.

Now I'm hiding all my valuable stuff d. Not that I have much le. My limited edition Absolut. Wahaha. *blek*

Monday, 18 February 2008

Yet Another One Just Left

Three days ago Kelly left for Sydney and today Jess left for Canberra. Mang Liuz members are reducing by the days. Sigh. But these are the pictures at the airport for memories.

The day Kelly left us for Aussie.

The two Malaysians cum Australians. Haha

Emotional moments of two best friends.

A last and filli felle (T.T) look by Kelly. It's for you Sai Meng!

Stop crying and wave goodbye la.

The last picture! Goodbye Kelly!

Notice why there's no picture of me? Coz the best photographer after me just left the country. Kelly, now no one gonna jam up my camera with tonnes of pictures d. The rest of the pics of me and you taken by Jeffrey is unusable. Ishh! Need to wait for Siew Wui's camera and then will update on this post.

Then Jess also can't wait to go too! Lolz not your turn yet la.

But since we are unable to send you off, so we shall imitate as if you are leaving. So candid! Coz it's a self timer picture.

A better one.

On the day Kelly left, it was Valentine's Day too. So we plan to celebrate it together for the very last time. And we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya.

The place is just crazy! It's so damn far away from the city centre. =.= stupid town planning. We got lost looking for it for almost an hour.

Then we had a romantic dinner in Manhattan Fish Market. The food was superb.

Jesses' Roast Fried Chip with Chili Sauce and seasoned with salt and pepper.

After dinner we went shopping and these two ah ku can't wait to shop that they walked so fast as if they are celebrities being chased by paparazzi.

And yesterday, we had a very last meat at 1U with only Jess, Siew Wui, Jess bro and me.

And this is the very last picture of Jess. Goodbye Jess! Now no more people to hala with me d. No more sot sot singing Gemilang d. Lolz.

We all shall miss Kelly and Jess very very very very much!

Update: Here's the rest of the pics.

Me and Kelly. Caressing me! *high*

Me and Kelly "smooching." *higher* Lolz we are just friends. She is up for foreigner or construction worker. *opps*

Jess presenting her present to her chi mui (ah ku) as for return for the scarf.

She definitely look blur... Too happy I guess.

And lastly camwhores!!!


On another occasion today, we celebrated Eang Bee's birthday at Sakae Sushi and we watched Kungfu Dunk. It's just an above average show I shall say.

The cute *ahem* Eang Bee with her tiramisu green tea cake.

As usual, she is too busy checking out the opposite sex eventhough she is suppose to look at the camera.

We bought her an Esprit skirt which is like she will never wear. 20 years old d and yet still haven't starts to wear skirts. *faint*

I really love Sakae Sushi alot. The price is reasonable and the food is really up to standard eventhou the staff is always blurr.

That's why they have this.

I just *heart* Sakae Sushi so much!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Penny Tai (戴佩妮) Is Back

My all time favourite singer is back. Not with another album, but in fact she is not gonna be coming out with any album soon. Now she is going freelance with this band which she formed named, D-Power. So she will release her single music every month or so on the net to be downloaded by people who are interested.

How nice! At last she is doing something she has wanted to do all this time. This shows that you don't really need to act cute and dance like an idiot to sell your music. And she even got her new video done.

No Penny in the video except a male parody of her and she did appear at the very end. Better version on her site here. The song is not something you expected right? At 1st I was like WTF? But since she is doing freelance, so she can do whatever she wants. Lolz maybe that should apply to myself as well.

And she did took some new and unpublished pictures of herself. Very nice.

How nice to to do something at the end which you really like doing. And she blardy has a Canon SLR camera *drool* which I'm dying to get as my current digital camera is really a junk. She also takes very good pictures and it can be viewed in her album. She also had her site on so that everyone can listen to her new songs. Her slow numbers are good as usual.

Friday, 15 February 2008

A One Of A Kind Valentine

As I said, this year I will have a one of a kind celebration for Valentine's Day. It so special that it is 30KM away from the place I stay. And we got lost half way there.

The place is very easily known as KLIA. And what the heck I'm doing there on this auspicious day? It's actually to send off Kelly Chong Mun Yee to Sydney. *Aww* *Tsk tsk(that's Kelly btw)

She was leaving on Valentine's Day and all the very yi hei (single & free) friends get together and plan to send her off. Eventually we reached there kinda late. Only manage to snap a few fast picture and wave goodbye to her.

1st time I see the hardcore (now feminine) Kelly filli felle (T.T) in this kinda occasion. We gonna miss you so much. Hopefully during holidays you can go to Singapore and pay me a visit (that also if get accepted and get the things I want). But no matter what we will see you soon.


As a goodbye gift to Kelly, this is the pics we took on Chor4 the other day. Sweet memories.

Jess, Kelly, Siew Wui and Me at Niu Ze Xui Ara Damansara. The new CNY attraction but was closed that day. Swt.

Jeffrey joined the gang and all acting as if they are in Japan with Cherry Blossoms above their heads.

See Kok Hong, Cherry Blossoms ark! Got light bulbs in every flower sumore. *blek*

4 fella berpoyo with sunglasses.

The females. See even Kelly is the same category d. *wolf whistle* You go gal! You will look even more stunning when you come back from the Aussies.

Then we went to 1U for movie. And we had our dinner at Sushi Groove. Nice place.

Enough le. See you two also full d. No need order anymore.

Then Jess also "I want! I want"

"Me le?" And the cameraman wants to join in too. *winks*

Godzilla Roll. The thing we had other than our lovely bento. Really a place to visit with reasonable price.

Nice interior deco.

How creative. Chopsticks and holder.

After the nice dinner we went for the movie, Meet the Spartans and pay Sai Meng a visit.

Sai Meng as usual will be the big boss of the shop. So no worry we go there kaka cau cau and not buying anything.

And then all the last minute pictures taking as everyone are too busy and might the last time they see each other.

And then Jess and Siew Wui pose behind Sai Meng like olympic medalist. Lolz.

After a long chat then we left and Sai Meng suggested to yumcha after his work. So we went Secret Recipe in Centrepoint for some midnight cakes.

And we got very creative and start to play with Sai Meng's piercing.

Kelly took one of her earings off and pass it to Sai Meng.

Smile to the camera!

The earing looks good on Sai Meng. Maybe he shall start wearing this starting from now. Studs are just so normal. Haha might help him sell better in the shop.

That's all for now with nice memories to blog on. So Happy Valentine's Day and Bon Voyage Kelly!
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!