Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Fuck wei! I'm not over reacting with my vulgar words, but while I'm typing this post my grandmom's house which is like next door to mine just got broke in. OMG man!

They were all tied up and luckily nothing happen to them. They just took money and FD slips (idiots). Really not educated. As if you can cash in FD slips. My aunt was pretty cool and she is always very chill. *Salute!* But my two cousin sis was terrified to hell. Luckily nothing happen to any of them.

But it's not over yet. While I'm typing this the burglars are still here pointing a knife at my to make sure that I mention their leng chai (ugly) face to the world. Lolz maybe I shall not make fun about all this things. But according to my aunt, it seems that they are those Indon working with the developers to repair on defects. WTF? This country is so unsafe and the freaking police took 25 mins or so to reach. =.=

Just glad that everyone is fine!

Updates: Damn freaking scary when I think back about the break in. Once they are in there's nothing much you can do bout it. And watever locks or alarm you have they have a way to counter it. It seems that they even cast a voodoo (jampi) outside the house so that you all will be deeply in slumber.

The spell consist of them eating and shitting. WTF? Real shitting man. =.= And my aunt's indon maid use to say that there's a way to counter the spell by putting a mortar and pestle (lesung batu- the one used for menumbuk cili) filled with water at the door.

Actually I heard sound yesterday but it was kinda normal for like soft sounds at the back alley. I was blogging actually that time. They are seriously very professional. Not much sound was made. I only aware when my cousin shouted, but then they are in the house already and preparing to leave.

Now I'm hiding all my valuable stuff d. Not that I have much le. My limited edition Absolut. Wahaha. *blek*
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!