Friday, 1 February 2008

I really dropped my pants

OMG I just found out that I had shopped for 6 hrs non-stop and I spent freaking RM0.3K. Arhh my legs now hurt like shit. Not normal for me to complain that I walked till my leg is cramped but this 6 hrs is really fast pace and long journey.

No wonder I couldn't buy anything when I shop with Kevin or Jeffrey. Cause I felt bad if I have to make them walk like how much I walked today. I am those shopper who likes to compare and compare and then go back to the 1st shop at the end just to get a pair of socks. *blush*

I shall blame it on the fact that today is public holidays for KL and the parking at Starhill is only RM5 per entry. Yeah! As in all day long. OMG such high class place but so kind in doing charity for the poor like me. So I walked all the way from KL Pavilion all the way to Times Sq and back. Walked is an understatement. I literally overturned all those places along the way.

This is all the bags I carried thru out the journey.

And this is the reward from the battle.

I literally got everything I need. Even a jacket which I dun think I will be wearing it to anywhere coz it's always summer here. But it's 70% off and it fits perfectly. Ish feeling guilty now.

I even got my red underwear. Hopefully it will bring me good luck in the thing I want the most. Hint: it's down under... lolz I'm not that scandalous.

Half way thru I almost feel like rolling all the way to Times Sq. And these people performing in KL Pavilion are really not helping.

As if I dun wish I have as much hands as you have. Lolz.

Freaking hungry now. Mum not at home. Phew ... Or else she will investigates all the bags of stuff I brought back. Ish always crave for food when I reached home and felt freaking full when I was shopping. Maybe it's a good thing. Can save money, diet and use the money to buy clothes for my fit body after dieting. Wahaha

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