Monday, 11 February 2008

Catching Up

It's Chor4 and at last got out from the house. Haha all my balik kampung and all the CNY stuff was done next door to my house only. Let's not talk bout the CNY feel then as there's aint any.

Just came back from catching up with the Mang Liuz gang. Had lotsa fun. Met up with Kelly and Sai Meng at the end! Finally! (That's for Kelly). Siew Wui, Jess and Jeff was there too.

Chat a lot on almost everything, from studies, to Gillian Chung (sorry Sai Meng) and not to forget the toilet bowl! I still think that he smells a little hint of the puke. *sorry*

Here's a recap on that...

Pose one.

Pose two.

Pose three!

*pls don't kill me* But I think it will still be on until u treat us dinner or something to pay back the labour of taking care after you that nite. (Kah Fai's squeezing of the mop filled with ****)


My cousin came back from New Zealand for the CNY. She is getting married this September and this is what her fiancee do on national television (NZ lah of coz).

Note that my cousin is the Asian girl and the ang moh is my cousin's fiancee. Haha how cool is that?

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