Monday, 25 February 2008

Something New

Add on two new stuff at my blog. *eek* One of it are two little youtube clips which are cater each for the English and Chinese reader. For the rojaks, both will do. Hopefully I can find more interesting clips and update it everyweek. I think updating the tubes are much more easier than then blog. Hehe.

And a slideshow on the things I wanna buy or hopefully some of the people out there is kind enough to donate to me. Something to at least let me lust on and save some money to get it rather than investing all my money on my ever bigger stomach with burgers like Western Cheese Bacon Burger from Carl's Jr.

No updates on the blog coz busy busy busy until no time to edit any pictures. When I open back my folder then I notice I have so much outdated pictures which I haven't blog about yet. * blush*

But anyhow, here's something interesting for those who yet to know. You think Death Note is dead after Light and L died? Haha you guess wrong. *jeng jeng jeng*

Death Note 3- L: change the WorLd.

Opened in Japan, HK and Singapore already but yet to know whether will it open in Malaysia. If they ban it, let's all call our parents to mogok on BN *evil*. I think even if the allows it also people will not vote them also. *blek*

Oh yea, and today we celebrated Hao Ran's birthday. Happy birthday dude!

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My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!