Thursday, 21 February 2008


Today just sent my car to the workshop to repair the air-cond. *at last*. But there's lots more to fix on my car. And also if you notice I also fix the layout and size of my Chat Box and all the things beside it.

Just found out that some of the item can be customised the size to fit perfectly. But there's lotsa of trial and error and it's a very tideous job. But I'm very happy with the results.


I'm currently kinda stress out not that I want to be. But seeing everyone starting Uni and all really makes me worry about what the heck am I doing here. There's still some forms which I shtill haven't submitted yet. *haihz*

So bad that when I look in the mirror I come across this gross looking thing!

It's a grey hair. Not really grey. But it's like half white and half blonde. OMG I'm not only getting stress out, I'm getting not young too!


On another issue, while I'm browsing across STOMP, a Singapore news website for the younger generation and I read this article about this teenage boy being slash on the hand until his skin, muscle and nerves torn apart just because there's this group of people who doesn't like the way he walks.

=.= Singaporeans is not only so free and so violent as well. I thought the break in at my grandma's house is bad. OMG this is worse. What for you carried out a crime for no better reason. So damn bo liao.

The picture is too disgusting to be even posted here. I think I won't even read my own blog if I post it here. For those who is not faint hearted, here's the link to the full picture and story about this case.

Now, I'm having some second thought of going Singapore *lolz*. But to those who walks in a particular way beyond the ordinary, I think I shall advice you not to go Singapore. Sai Meng, better beware everytime you walk outside especially with your dai-lou-ish walking style.


Kevin Tan said...

finally fix ur air con!!!!!1111

Kenny Choo said...

lolz's that's y i say at last! haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!