Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Top Ten List of International Simon Cowell?

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The franchise of American Idol (originally Pop Idol) was such a craze that AskMen.com list out the top 10 International Simon Wannabe. And guess who is nominated?

Our very own Paul Moss is top 5. Yeah! Let's all cheer for our fellow Malaysian Idol judge. Not exactly a Malaysian (from NZ) but who cares.

He is credited for being very straight forward but still able to give some words of encouragement once a while unlike his Singapore counterpart, Ken Lim which only manage to get a spot at top 6.

Haha screw Ken Lim. *boo* hated him when he commented badly on Jaclyn Victor and eventually cause that blardy Hady Mirza to win the Asian Idol.

This is how the list fair:

Top 10: International Simons
1) German Idol- Dieter Bohlen
2)Australian Idol- Mark Holden
3) NZ Idol- Iain Stables
4)Poland Idol- Kuba Wojewodzki
5)Malaysian Idol- Paul Moss
6)Singapore Idol- Ken Lim
7)Canadian Idol- Zack Werner
8)Sweden Idol- All of the judges!
9)South African Idol- Randall Abrahams
10)West Africa Idol- Dede Mabiaku

Here is the full list and review on AskMen.com

While browsing I can't help to notice another copycat incident between Malaysia and Singapore. To make it simple. Malaysia has this One In A Million show to replace the idols.

While Singapore has this.

Live the Dream. Notice the similarity in the logo and there's more similarity in the show as well as the host is a Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 which can't stop reminding me of Marion Caunter of OIAM.

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