Monday, 18 February 2008

Yet Another One Just Left

Three days ago Kelly left for Sydney and today Jess left for Canberra. Mang Liuz members are reducing by the days. Sigh. But these are the pictures at the airport for memories.

The day Kelly left us for Aussie.

The two Malaysians cum Australians. Haha

Emotional moments of two best friends.

A last and filli felle (T.T) look by Kelly. It's for you Sai Meng!

Stop crying and wave goodbye la.

The last picture! Goodbye Kelly!

Notice why there's no picture of me? Coz the best photographer after me just left the country. Kelly, now no one gonna jam up my camera with tonnes of pictures d. The rest of the pics of me and you taken by Jeffrey is unusable. Ishh! Need to wait for Siew Wui's camera and then will update on this post.

Then Jess also can't wait to go too! Lolz not your turn yet la.

But since we are unable to send you off, so we shall imitate as if you are leaving. So candid! Coz it's a self timer picture.

A better one.

On the day Kelly left, it was Valentine's Day too. So we plan to celebrate it together for the very last time. And we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya.

The place is just crazy! It's so damn far away from the city centre. =.= stupid town planning. We got lost looking for it for almost an hour.

Then we had a romantic dinner in Manhattan Fish Market. The food was superb.

Jesses' Roast Fried Chip with Chili Sauce and seasoned with salt and pepper.

After dinner we went shopping and these two ah ku can't wait to shop that they walked so fast as if they are celebrities being chased by paparazzi.

And yesterday, we had a very last meat at 1U with only Jess, Siew Wui, Jess bro and me.

And this is the very last picture of Jess. Goodbye Jess! Now no more people to hala with me d. No more sot sot singing Gemilang d. Lolz.

We all shall miss Kelly and Jess very very very very much!

Update: Here's the rest of the pics.

Me and Kelly. Caressing me! *high*

Me and Kelly "smooching." *higher* Lolz we are just friends. She is up for foreigner or construction worker. *opps*

Jess presenting her present to her chi mui (ah ku) as for return for the scarf.

She definitely look blur... Too happy I guess.

And lastly camwhores!!!


On another occasion today, we celebrated Eang Bee's birthday at Sakae Sushi and we watched Kungfu Dunk. It's just an above average show I shall say.

The cute *ahem* Eang Bee with her tiramisu green tea cake.

As usual, she is too busy checking out the opposite sex eventhough she is suppose to look at the camera.

We bought her an Esprit skirt which is like she will never wear. 20 years old d and yet still haven't starts to wear skirts. *faint*

I really love Sakae Sushi alot. The price is reasonable and the food is really up to standard eventhou the staff is always blurr.

That's why they have this.

I just *heart* Sakae Sushi so much!

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