Saturday, 23 February 2008

Headpain (don't like the word ache)!

Having severe headpain (my spelling checker note that it's a wrong word). No post today. Can't even type a full sentence properly. So this is what I wanna say:

  • >Changed layout.
  • >New song. Same annoying intro.
  • >Thanks Kevin for new banner. *hearts* it!
  • >Seriously thinking that the globetracker has something wrong with it.
  • >Who is from Peru, Italy, Sweden, Germany and bla bla bla... but thanks for droping by anyway!
  • >My guess are Singapore-my sis stalking me, Aus-Jess and Kelly, US-Shu Wei, Canada-Ken Han... but where is Japan-Kok Hong? You are back in KL d?
  • >It's so interesting to know that so mysterious people reads my blog. Identify yourself or else I will miss out some of you abroad and thinking all of you are strangers.
  • >For some reason I'm typing longer and longer sentences by now and my headpain is getting better as I blog. *bluek*
  • >Hundreds of pictures to be edited and blog about but just not in the mood of blogging it, so just stay tuned and hang on. *blog blog blog*
  • >Damn lazy nowadays and haven't finish preparing my application. *type type type*
That's all for now! Need to hit the bed. *oink*

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