Friday, 15 February 2008

A One Of A Kind Valentine

As I said, this year I will have a one of a kind celebration for Valentine's Day. It so special that it is 30KM away from the place I stay. And we got lost half way there.

The place is very easily known as KLIA. And what the heck I'm doing there on this auspicious day? It's actually to send off Kelly Chong Mun Yee to Sydney. *Aww* *Tsk tsk(that's Kelly btw)

She was leaving on Valentine's Day and all the very yi hei (single & free) friends get together and plan to send her off. Eventually we reached there kinda late. Only manage to snap a few fast picture and wave goodbye to her.

1st time I see the hardcore (now feminine) Kelly filli felle (T.T) in this kinda occasion. We gonna miss you so much. Hopefully during holidays you can go to Singapore and pay me a visit (that also if get accepted and get the things I want). But no matter what we will see you soon.


As a goodbye gift to Kelly, this is the pics we took on Chor4 the other day. Sweet memories.

Jess, Kelly, Siew Wui and Me at Niu Ze Xui Ara Damansara. The new CNY attraction but was closed that day. Swt.

Jeffrey joined the gang and all acting as if they are in Japan with Cherry Blossoms above their heads.

See Kok Hong, Cherry Blossoms ark! Got light bulbs in every flower sumore. *blek*

4 fella berpoyo with sunglasses.

The females. See even Kelly is the same category d. *wolf whistle* You go gal! You will look even more stunning when you come back from the Aussies.

Then we went to 1U for movie. And we had our dinner at Sushi Groove. Nice place.

Enough le. See you two also full d. No need order anymore.

Then Jess also "I want! I want"

"Me le?" And the cameraman wants to join in too. *winks*

Godzilla Roll. The thing we had other than our lovely bento. Really a place to visit with reasonable price.

Nice interior deco.

How creative. Chopsticks and holder.

After the nice dinner we went for the movie, Meet the Spartans and pay Sai Meng a visit.

Sai Meng as usual will be the big boss of the shop. So no worry we go there kaka cau cau and not buying anything.

And then all the last minute pictures taking as everyone are too busy and might the last time they see each other.

And then Jess and Siew Wui pose behind Sai Meng like olympic medalist. Lolz.

After a long chat then we left and Sai Meng suggested to yumcha after his work. So we went Secret Recipe in Centrepoint for some midnight cakes.

And we got very creative and start to play with Sai Meng's piercing.

Kelly took one of her earings off and pass it to Sai Meng.

Smile to the camera!

The earing looks good on Sai Meng. Maybe he shall start wearing this starting from now. Studs are just so normal. Haha might help him sell better in the shop.

That's all for now with nice memories to blog on. So Happy Valentine's Day and Bon Voyage Kelly!

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