Thursday, 7 February 2008

There's A Rat in The House

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 to all. Haha notice the new header and skin? Lolz the header looks very weird le. But that's the best I can do with my Pte Ltd Photoshop skill. Just bear with it for the 15 days of CNY.

It's new year again. Boring boring stuff... with the relatives all. All relatively older than me... so nothing much in common except we eat and watch TV. Lolz.

It's the year of rat le. And I have one very nice one in my room. Which glows! *wink*

Tada! My representation for the year. But actually just yesterday my mum caught a rat in the house. Wow, how auspicious. But my mum killed it with hot water. Only can hear that the poor fella screeches. Haha I was so careless bout it and continue to watch my TV. Hopefully we didn't cause the Rat God or something to be angry. Lolz *pray*

Just few days ago our Mang Liu had a reunion dinner. Well only half of us turned up but better than nothing le. In time to come it's not even possible to go out with more than one of the members. Everyone is just so busy. =.=

The venue is in Jess house which is accessible with just a car and a map.

Jess with her (initially thought it was drawn by her youngest bro) map. We were there early and helped Jess to prepare. How often do you get to see Jess in the kitchen?

And what more if she cooks? Which cost us to vomit at the end. Haha. There's other reason for that.

The food for the dinner. There's more actually but the table is too small.

"Ah ku, this is vegie jane sp. you know?"
"Err, I taking pharmacy now worr... No more biology d"

Jess bro is so cute. But Jess makes him cry and keep telling us that he is faking only. Lolz
Then the bro entertained us with some CNY songs and this is what happen...

This two aunty trying to imitate the CNY music video. =.=

Ciplak one.

Ciplak two.

Ciplak three! Lolz.

Then it's award presentation by Siew Wui to the one that gonna ciao soon.

Posing with her present.

Chilling out after dinner and liquor.

Wanna know what happen to my vodka? Solve this equation 1st...

Limited Edition Absolut Disco Vodka


A game of black jack

=All of the below

A drunkard and two camwhores.

And lotsa vomit....


He is not vomiting... he is sleeping after vomiting! Haha


Change pose.


Most stylish one. Very sexy also. Lolz Jeffrey Lee Oei Han from Taman Sea, don't kill me please!

I do have to confess that I also vomited quite alot but in a more humane way. I vomited in the basin which I filled the whole basin with my puke. And once I'm done I tot I was ok and I continue to drink. Second time I vomited into my cup... and then borrowed someones cup. I vomited 2 cup full without spill! Haha unlike the above one that we need to clean up his mess cause he vomited all the way to his "sleeping" room.

We tried to carry him out 3 times. But he eventually run back in to vomit and sleeps. It's been like that for almost 4 hrs. We continued to play mahjong and went in to see him (take pictures) every 30 mins. But at 7am we need to carry him out and ditch him somewhere else as we are going out for Bak Kut Teh. *evil* We had lotsa fun thou.

That's all for the Chinese New Year! And let me sign off with a random one.

My hairy legs with two eye-less and one nose-less mashi moro slippers from that nite. The camera makes my leg hairy-er. Lolz


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