Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Right or Left Parted?

Few days ago I had my haircut. Not really excited after the cut, actually hated it very much. *kill the stylist*

What really happened is my regular stylist at Monsoon ID in 1U run off after killing the owner of Monsoon ID, the stupid Eddie Lee for having ugly hair. *lolz* Nola, I think he got a better place somewhere and I didn't got a chance to ask where he went as I never cut my hair for almost an month already!

So I was thinking, go where cut also the same as my regular stylist is no where to be found. So just cincai went to Jantzen in Mid Valley. But stylist and service are really bad despite the expensive price. 30% more expensive than Monsoon ID.

Was very pissed of with the result and was damn depressed cause can't even get out from the house due to the hair. *I'm not vain* So after spending few hours in the bathroom *normally 30 minutes*, I found the solution...

After some amendment and flipping the whole thing around... wala...

The left parted hairstyle of mine (parted should be according to the direction of the fringe right?).

Fyi, my hair use to be right parted. See!

Haha, the pictures are taken not out of vanity but a great discovery in the name of science, proving that hair are not only dead follicles but it can be mould to life. So now, go to your nearest mirror and part your hair to the other side, you might like it better!


And the picture also reminded me one thing, other than Hannah Tan is mine and hot, I'm on tv. Well, not like me in whole, but you can see my shirt and Lee Kheng's skirt. Lolz it's just a glance through.

But hey, only VVIP's get the chance to be glance thru in the Longchamps Grand Opening! You can see a small part of my T-shirt at 11:48 minute in the clip, I was talking to the salesperson with Lee Kheng. We plan to buy the bag at the side. *lolz*

Lolz that's just for fun. I'm not crazy over a small part of my T-shirt appearing on national TV, or maybe I am. But I just love 8tv so much. All the catch-up tv. It future it will have episodes of drama like Lost, Ugly Betty, Desperate Hsewives, ANTM and etc with a small fees.

And other than that, I found a very funny thing, it's a live spy cam in the 8TV office which is aired at all time 24-7. If you are lucky you will be able to see some funny things happening around the office.

I can't find any reason for the purpose of this spy cam other than catching the crew curi-tulang. But I just awaiting for some office scandal to be caught on tape very soon. Then 8TV will be banned forever as it is already in hot soup when the Faizal Tahir of OIAM took off his shirt at the 8TV live concert.

8TV is then banned from airing live shows for 3 months. Full story here. How ridiculous? Just because of a fat old man strips (see Pei Yee, you shouldn't have voted for him last time, Suki better!) and not that anyone is interested to see, like that also wanna punish the TV station. No brain betul. Mogok BN lagi! *lolz*


Now, for a more spiritual note. I found a damn nice, freaking interesting and muthafking addictive book. *I shall not use vulgar languages* It's called The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama.

Don't worry, it's has nothing to do with religion at all. I'm surprise Dalai Lama is much more modern than we think he is. Don't even expect that you will find stuff like Dharma or all the pujas in there.

It's all reasoning and answers to question we've been looking for all this time. It's really opened my eyes! *wink* Nothing much complicated about the book, it's just the conversation of the Dalai Lama and the caucasion co-author.

It has daily lives example on how we should be much more happier and it has reasoning to why looking for individual happiness is not really selfish after all. Because unhappy person is usually the one who is much more self centered.

It also enlighted me the real meaning of happiness and pleasure. *shines* Really, the things that we choose is normally led by pleasure than happiness. Having pleasure doesn't really guarantees happiness. This is why, some choices might not be pleasurable but at the end it will bring you true and lasting happiness.

I sound so holy suddenly. But the book really got me thinking alot. So conclusion, run to your nearest bookstore now and try to read one chapter of the book and you will fall in love instantly.

But I didn't buy it at last and bought this bargained book on bartending. *Hehe* It's really a good deal. I know I'm guilty and I will start chanting, Namo Tasa Bargavatho...

I will be back there tomorrow to continue reading the book until someone donates it to me. But anyhow the book really made my day!
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!