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I'm hit and Top 5 Interesting Points of The 2008 12th Malaysian General Election

I'm back. Miss me? *blush* Stopped blogging for a whole week. It's all because I don't like the fact that my blog is read by my family members.

I know my blog is out open, but it's the only place I can shout my lungs out and screw whoever who is not seeing eye to eye with me. (Including my own family members). Was blardy fark-up and lose the mood of updating.

Haven't found a solution to this problem yet but my hits just got up to 20K which is something too big not to be blogging about!

I know is no big deal to like popular bloggers like XiaXue and all with like 20K hits per day while I only manage to get 20K after 9 mths of blogging. But it's still a big accomplishment okay! *Proud*

Election heat is here. I thought I would just be idle until the election is over but it's just too juicy not to blog bout it. Now let me present you with something interesting.

The TOP 5 Interesting Points of The 2008 12th Malaysian General Election

No. 1: BN got hi-tech-ed and the opposition got low-tech-ed.

Having advertisement everywhere even on our favourite place.

MSN!!! Really no choice only one choice. Maybe either we all switch to Yahoo then.

Never thought BN got so hi-tech. And look at the quality of the TVC. Damn hilarious especially when they boast about all the figures.

What is 2300 for 7 years when there's like 2300 chinese top scorer annually don't get it.

Non Malays (included some Bumis who is non-Malay)=RM?Millions. Malays (non-Bumis)= RM?Billions. Lolz

But wait a minute. Where do they get the money to do all this publicity. But there's like people out there living in poverty!

No 2: One juicy clips beats hundreds of multi-million Ringgit publicity.

This clip is by the opposition and you will see why this clip can just erased all the other publicity BN do.

Got the clip via Cheesie's blog.

There's a funny note to all this Youtube videos. Remember once Namewee sang Negarakuku and the whole country went huh-hah? Some very "literate" BN fella said that the govt should buy over Youtube. *roll eyes*

They are not exactly financially strong enough to buy it but at last they went to IT school and learnt to open a BN Channel in youtube to show all their fancy TVC.

No.3: Election TVC much more patriotic and racial harmony than Malaysia's Golden Jubilee (50th) Aniversary of Independence TVC.

Still remember all the touching Petronas TVC?

But for some reason I think all the BN TVC can just be used for upcoming Independence Day cause it's like everyone suddenly so happy go lucky and racial harmony.

No. 4: Since when Malaysia signage are multi-language?

When I saw this I was like huh? Am I in KL or somewhere else?

Because as we all should have recall, we do not have any multi-lingual signs not even in KLIA for god sake. I think in KLIA, we have Japanese instead of Tamil. When I saw that, it seriously reminds me of Singapore MRT stations.

That's what I call multi-racial. And mind you that their majority is like 75.2% and our so call majority is only 62% according to wiki. Hak istimewa konon. Lolz

And BN's special website just for election is more user friendly than the MOH's official and only website.

Notice how nice is the site and how non-Bahasa Melayu user friendly. And compare with this.

One of the most important ministry, the Ministry of Health.

No.5: Some things never change. Spent so much money yet still bad design.

Yet after spending so much to print all this banner. Can't they come out with a better design? It really reminds me of this.

It's the packaging for some Chinese dried plum. *swt*

So this is the Top 5 BN and the other party's points you should know.

Disclaimer: All the information are just mere entertainment to mass audience but also can be a guide *enlightenment* to some minority. Here I shall declare that do not stand in favour of any party (I'm yet to be eligible to vote).

Democracy will not exist if there's no opposition. Look at Singapore. *all heads turn south*

But that doesn't mean that democracy is better than single party republic (absolute monarchy of Lee dynasty). Lolz. So, let's all just strive for a better Malaysia. Selamat. Aman. Makmur.

On a funnier note, why do the chicken cross the road?

He was on his way to hang election posters but got hit by an enemy party extremist.

(Picture taken outside my house and chicken from the nearby Indon squaters) No animal is harm during the photoshoot, at least not by the cameraman.

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