Saturday, 22 March 2008

How Janice Dickinson Judge The Malaysian Dreamgirls?

As promised earlier, Janice Dickinson and her panel of judges will be here to judge the pictures of the girls. And she definitely came at the right time as 2 girls were eliminated in Episode 5.

Bad judgement by the people out there!

Top 12 Women'Secrets Photo Shoot

Janice: Girl! You look like you are in the toilet constipating!
Tyra: Toilet fierce face.
Ms Jay: Overall is gay! But mind the peekaboo belly.

Janice: What's with the f***ing mouth? Here! The card to my plastic surgeon.
Tyra: Alison, get to know your thing. That is not sensual, this is! (Grinding with Janice on the floor)
Ms Jay: Oh god. Your thigh can beat an elephant!

Janice: What the %#$@ is that? What are you trying to portray there?
Tyra: A blank face. You have to be fierce with attitude, girl.
Ms Jay: Cindy oh Cindy, what's with the feet at the *tut*? It takes me ages to get rid of mine ^^

Janice: Oooo... nice pose. Good one!
Tyra: I like the hair, the face, the everything! I can see this in the center spread of Elle magazine.
Ms Jay: Mmm Mmm good!

Janice: You know what girl, I like the way you pose with you legs. But you #$%@ covered you possums. (Adjusting her fakes)
Tyra: The face is okay to me. Just needed some attitude. (demo pose pose)
Ms Jay: Err... it's okay for me. But your hair, can you recommend your stylist for me?

Janice: Safe safe safe.... bored! (head on the table)
Tyra: This is like graduation photo with a small hint of sexiness.
Ms Jay: I'm gay!

Janice: Nice one! It reminded me of my 1st ever super model photo shoot. (proud proud pout)
Tyra: No! Not yours. Your 1st photo shoot is in Playboy. This is so ME!
Ms Jay: Ah shuddup. It's me!

Janice: You gals can kill me with your @#$% boring poses.
Tyra: Nice face though... but still boring.
Ms Jay: Yeap! Bored and I'm still gay.

Janice: Oh God! You looked like me!
Tyra: Yeap! Byatch! with a real body. I hope!
Ms Jay: Oh girl, you made ME feel like a real woman after seeing you picture! Tranny!

Janice: I like the way you curved your body. Hate the clothes thou. Who in the @#$%#$ hell dressed her up?
Tyra: Nice face!
Ms Jay: I like the way you elongated your arm. (touching his/hers with cellulite all over)

Janice: Oh Ringo. Nice pose! I like it.
Tyra: You have to know where the light is. It's getting creepy.
Ms Jay: I'm just jealous. Go!

Janice: Where the hell you get that? (pointing) Mine @#$%@ cost me 10 grand! *jealous*
Tyra: Very nice pose but very confusing face.
Ms Jay: Janice was right. I wan a pair too!

And with that done. It's time to announce the disappointing results of the elimination.

Jean left the competition halfway to continue her studies.

Alison was eliminated after being in the bottom 5. Well it's one of the well deserved ones.

But why Natasha. Hmmm!

Seriously, they never inform on how the whole thing work. Is it solely based on voting or there's someone to judge it? If so why do the girls that took good pictures are sent out then?

Weird! But in Episode 5, some of the girls said they hope a particular group of 3 girls to be sent out. Though their name is not mention, but my wild guess is the three girls who stands together the whole time at the end of episode 5.

None of them is out! Lololololz
Disclaimer: The comments given by the fictional judges are purely fictional too!


Kevin Tan said...

omg this is so funny!! very like them orh

apple [soul]d out said...

like this post.
u'r so funnnny!

Kenny Choo said...

lolz its fun to do such post and thank you for reading

Simon Seow said...

Ringo's photo reminds me of Sadoka. "-_-

sheryl0202 said...

Hi Janice, Jay and Tyra!

Like your way of expressing your comments on the photos. Funny!

Anonymous said...

why all skinny girls suddenly look so fleshy geh...

joshuaongys said...

What does "FORWARDING" mean in the command output shown

Kenny Choo said...

simon: haha she is once again haunting us.

sheryl: thank you for dropping by.

anonymous: haha happy go lucky in the dreamhouse i guess

joshua:where you saw the FORWARDING? got meh?

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