Saturday, 8 March 2008

Latest Interesting Update on The 12th General Election

1) Samy Vellu is unofficially lost his seat in P62 Sungai Siput. No more JKR Minister for him. *ah dush* (Slapping sound)

P106 PJ Utara is won by DAP. No more fried mee hoon (Chew Mei Fun).

3) KennySia's Bandar Kuching is won by DAP. Cat on the rocket. Kucingsawan.

4) Both Karpal Singh and Lim Kitt Siang (DAP chairmans) won their respective seats.

5) My fave BN leader Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan acting President and Penang Menteri Besar) lost his
P46 Batu Kawan seat. No more sukun for Penang then.

6) Penang, Kedah and Kelantan is won by the opposition in terms of state seats.

7) My home area
P124 Bandar Tun Razak is won by Keadilan. =.= anything other than BN I guess.

8) Penang's next Menteri Besar (CM) might be taken over by Lim Kitt Siang's (DAP Chairman) son Lim Guang Eng.

9) The Wanita Umno member and the Minister of Woman and Family Datuk
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil lost her P121 Lembah Pantai seat to Anwar's daughter.

10) Teresa Kok of DAP won two place with 36K (damn alot) majority in Seputeh (Zhi Wei's area) and in Kirara as well. Lolz one person won two place some more. What a big slap to BN!

11) BN has lost the 2/3 advantage in the Parliament.

This is the latest result on the Parliamentary Seats.

And this is for the State Assembly.

Here's some interesting quote by the "celebrities" from Malaysia Kini and major newspapers:

Pak Lah:

"We've lost. We've lost," These were the only words which Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could muster when quizzed on the ruling coalition’s shocking defeat in five states.

When asked whether the massive lost by BN was a vote of no confidence on the government, he said, "I don't see it that way."

"I don't know who is being pressured (to step down). I'm not resigning."

Samy Vellu:

According to nstonline, on his way out, Samy Vellu could only muster a "goodbye" to reporters and supporters present at the convention hall.

All for know. It's 5am already and I will continue reporting tomorrow morning. This is seriously much more patriotic and interesting than then National Day Parade.

And all matters aside better go pump some petrol tomorrow. Incase of price hike or riot. Lolz


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Yang Guo said...

national parade where got interesting in the 1st place? never got me to stay up from afternoon till 6 am be4 XD. Ei our extremely-competetant-in-english nia info minister Zainuddin 'Erection' Maidin lost also ler. Too bad Rafidah din lose =.=.....

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