Friday, 7 March 2008

Indulge In Senzai With Azuki and Matcha Ice Cream

I had this dessert thingy when I was in Singapore. So when I open my house freezer and saw to packs of glutinous rice balls. I know I need to take action. Or else it will be the victims of my mum's traditional way of cooking.

So right after gym, I went to Jusco to buy the ingredients to go with it. I'm gonna make Senzai (Japanese name according to Kok Hong)

The ingredients:

2 packets of glutinous rice balls
1 bowl of washed azuki (red beans)
1 tub of matcha (green tea) ice cream
1 tube of coconut milk *very optional*

And the cooking procedure I very easy. Lolz I so wanna be like Jamie Oliver! Cook with style and taste.

1st put the washed azuki into a pot and add water up to a level double the azuki. And bring it to a boil.

Once it started to boil close it with a lid and leave it for like 30 minutes and reboil and repeat until it is soft enough.

Then drain the excess liquid. I savour it for later consumption. *yum yum*

The add in the coconut milk and sugar. Measurements is up to your taste. I don't do all the table spoon and all. I just dash dash dash and hope for the best. Taste it also la of course.

And stir it well and let it cool. Boil another pot of water while waiting it to cool. Place the balls into the boiling water. Do not defrost the balls or you will break it.

Scoop it up once it floats to the surface of the water. Then place it in normal room temp water.

Do not use ice or it will harden. If the water turns cloudy just change the water.

And then get a nice bowl, scoop the ice cream, arrange the azuki, put some make up on the balls and wala!

You got urself a Senzai Kenny Choo style. And for more your preference you can add it the liquid that you savour just now. Just sweetened it with some sugar and you will get...

Another version of it. I prefer this better. It was damn good especially with the ice cream. And the best part is the balls is with filling pussing out. *sounds so wrong*

You can't get that in Japanese restaurant. So bon appetite everyone. Kelly you should really try this in Aus.

And Kelly and Jess, I updated the pictures of the two of you leaving. Check it out here. Signing off now. Ciaoz!

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