Friday, 21 March 2008

Northern Malaysia Trip 2008-Day 3 (Penang, Taiping, Ipoh and Sungkai)

Been busy sleeping, eating, skipping gym, watching tv and watching MDG. That's why no updates for the day! Haha so this is the last post for my northern Msia trip travel log.


Right after we left Kuala Kedah (Langkawi) we drove our way to Penang just to have dinner. Adventurous rite?

1)Jalan Penang

But it was still early and we went to Jalan Penang to buy some tau sah pneh (green bean cake) and preserved nutmeg.

An interesting 70's themed restaurant along Jalan Penang. And we saw plenty of 'hens' along the way. Some are even attracting business in front the church. =.=

2) Gurney Drive

And later we head on to Gurney Drive for dinner. The place had relocated and the food standard dropped to the same level as the sea. Don't get what I mean?

This is Gurney Drive, gone the days where you here the sea water splashing on the rock. The sea is almost 500 meters away from where we stand!

3) Batu Ferringi

Then, we went to the night market at Batu Ferringi. It's famous for it's cheap DVD's (RM5) and souvenirs. I was damn happy to see The Ship there because I remembered that I took a picture there when I was small, and I totally forgotten where it is everytime I looked at the picture.
Seriously it's like a deja-vu, just that now I actually remember about it!

No picture on that for some reasons which I can't remember! Anti-deja-vu. After the night market was closed, we thought of going back to Taiping to overnight at our colleagues house but end up lost as we used another way back. I think we went around the whole Penang (larger than Singapore) and came back out. Scary man. I took us nearly 1 hr.


Nothing much and no pictures on that cause we are there to sleep only. But great food! If you are there, you seriously need to go to the food court at the city to eat the super cheap and delicious Char Koey Teow and Ang Ku Kueh (nyonya kuih).


We then, went to Ipoh to have lunch. We had the famous taugeh chicken rice and we bought more local famous products. Like Ipoh white coffee and Sek Keh Mah (dunno how to translate that).

1) Lin Sen Tong Temple

A must visit temple in Ipoh. It's built outside the cave. Very unique.

As the Chinese always says, yap ouk ngai yan, yap mui pai san. (when you enter a house, address the host, and when you enter a temple, give offerings to the gods) And that's what we did.

Guan Yin. Kinda need to go on a diet. *sorry*

Characters from Journey to The West.

My favourite, Choy San (God of Wealth)

The Four Heavenly Kings. Not the Andy Lau one la.

And this is how they make the sculptures. After that, we head on to Sungkai for the hot springs.

Sungkai. (Sungai Klah)- RM9

When we are almost reaching, we are greeted with this sign leading to the TRAP. *swt*

The famous octopus children cold pool. Cute right?

The adult cold pool which built in back massager (the man-made waterfall)

The temperature controlled pool. Every pool has a different stated temperature. Once down don't move and don't shout. Then you will be fine! *lolz*

The no-entry area. Almost 80-90 degrees Celsius.

The egg boiling area. Damn freaky.

Same time needed for human flesh.

Hot spring with reflexology. Imagine double the pain! *ouch*

The public hot pool. See the smoke?

That is the source of the hot spring.

And then it will be mixed with the cold water to control the temperature. It was seriously damn nice and relaxing!

The whole trip is around RM500 for me as I remembered. Including souvenirs!

Not really much... *blush*

Smuggled duty-free Langkawi liquor. We only allowed to buy liquor if we stay more than 48hrs (we didn't) and only one bottle (not 5).

Exceptions is give to those who hide the liquor in their sleeping bags and covered with dirty underwear. And also those that use the green lane (the nothing to declare lane)! No one check also. Wahaha!


Johnny Ong said...

i bought the same food stuff when i was ard that area too

Samuel Lee said...

i just found out from an older post that this trip happened a while ago. man, im so jealous. i never get to explore malaysia like that. maybe because im not old enough yet when im still there.

Kenny Choo said...

Johnny: Haha a must buy!

Kenny Choo said...

sam: u can alwiz come back and visit the place

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!