Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I Dressed Down For A Night Event =.=

Last Saturday it was Ah Mah (Lai Mun)'s birthday. She is like one of the (not-young)est colleague in OCBC. Eventhough she keep denying it and says she is 20-ish.

The truth is, she "brought" me to this world when she was like 25 and I'm 20 this year. So you do the calculations. (That's her present- including the flower)

*Lolz* mind me (super bored) and just ignore all the craps. But she is our mother (DE teamlead) in the office. That's why she is called ah mah wherever she goes.

The guys were too busy singing Jay Chou (hate him) which led me out with the girls to snap snap.

Li Sze is leaving OCBC too. Notice the skeleton coin box thingy. Very cute.

That was also the same day of the Pajama Party. Seriously I felt so awkward when I went to change in the toilet (came out with surf pants and T-shirt) and everyone was like asking: "I thought you are going to a party after this?" Yah pyjama party mah! Lolz.

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