Sunday, 30 March 2008

Unseen Messages

Due to the sudden "happenings" in the Cbox, which I think everyone notice! Lolz. I will post the reply messages here to my real readers and friends.

Juann: yea will link you right away! :) sorry for the late reply as you can see there's a big scene here

Joshua: Hey, why don't we all go as one big tour... haha the nuffnang office tour... that will be cool

Autumn Babe: Nice right? Ask your bb buy one for you le... and get your frens to browse the catalogue

ti3n: Haha that should do the trick, some more your bro look almost like you... haha the beggar(s) are back...*ignore ignore*

kh: Haha so right! Maybe the lack of education causes all these pointless comments from them. Thanks wei!

kevin: Haha maybe I'm just born with it. And now you can see why I made a point to have a "shallow" blog... I swear I didn't do it on purpose

To all: Sorry for the suddenly blast of message in here... Thanks for the real messages and I appreciate all the support by ti3n, kh, Kevin, kelvink, xhui, and Jeffrey and whoever I left out.

Shaun: Lolz what can I say? Haha I'm proud I guess.

*no longer knows what is his name*: lolz you seems to be very crazy over me... I think you can just save ur time, fyi I'm not your type (queer) [this is for solely entertainment purposes...and the "other people" who this guy meant seems to have the same IP...hmmm]

xhui:'s been some time already... having fun in Aus now? Haha we can catch up when you come back :)

So that's all the messages that I wish to reply. The rest *to the unknown "people" are just for entertaining purposes... but I don't I care to reply anymore. *lolz*

And oops my spelling and grammar checker is off. Lolz like I'm gonna care~~ *I must stop doing this*


ti3nD said...

i enjoy myself reading quality contents.


Kenny Choo said...

lolz thank god, people do enjoy it... I will strive to do better... not gonna let some useless people interfere with my what I like to do

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!