Sunday, 23 March 2008

Bloggers Alert!

Recently, the federal government (the BN one la) had said that they have neglected the existence of alternative media such as blogs and they have to admit that it is very influential as well. (After election only notice =.=)

So, with the new Information Minister (not the rapping one), they hope that they will approach the bloggers, hear their needs and eventually "help" them. *fishy*

The Star,

Shabery to hear out bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will not control bloggers but will consider their views as well. That is the assurance given by newly-appointed Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek who is planning a meeting with the blogging community “in the next few weeks to hear them out”. (they gonna meet with Nuffnang?)

Shabery said some had overlooked the significance played by bloggers, who could now form their own personal broad
cast centres via their websites.

Sometimes, they are seen to support the Opposition but sometimes they criticise the Opposition too,” he said. *lolz*

On whether the Government would enforce some control on the blogging community, Shabery said they would not do so.

“The question of controlling bloggers does not arise. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink,” he said.

“No matter how free the mainstream media is (from government control), like in the USA, UK and Australia, it is still subject to the standpoint of their respective media (organisation) heads. So, people will still seek alternative news,” he said. *sounds fishy*

So to all the bloggers out there, stay united and blog to report the truth. (eventhough most of the time mine is full of craps)


3POINT8 said...

report on their opinions you mean...
Who knows the truth? I mean, not alot of bloggers are really deep into it, and most can't even tell the difference between rumours and real happenings.

x said...

wukakakaka...did you notice that most of the party banners during the election has got their blog url there? only BN tak ada...PAS is using blogspot man XD

Kenny Choo said...

3point8: yeap truth is too subjective. Opinion of the minorities and those who are not in the upper hands have to be voice out in alternative media such as this or else it will be "dipinggirkan" as how they worry in Penang. *lol* how ironic.

Kenny Choo said...

X: yea wei. damn funny. Ppl all start blogging and use youtube d and they baru hire people to do website!

Check out Kelantan TV damn hi-tech also. Can beat the BN2008 manifesto thing la. Lolz PAS had it like so long ago before the election.

azrin said...

Apparently they have this elite unit to counter any of this issues, and what I heard is that the budget for damage control is a huge amount of money anyway and is not going to any local companies.

Standard procedures, BN related agency gets the work.

Kenny Choo said...

Azrin: Haha no open tender?

ti3nD said...

haha.. serious??? no more ban this ban that? ahah.. damn good :P

julian said...

I'm also very curious to see *who* he will talk to... how to know who are the most important bloggers?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!