Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Is It So Hard To Understand What We Want Or Just Plain Ignorant?

It's post election and there's so many things to talk about. But I don't think I wanna go there. Most of it can be read from the major news website like The Star and Malaysiakini.

What I wanna say about is the post reaction given by the government or I shall say the half of the government since they only have a simple majority.

Now, after the massive defeat, the BN is now pointing at each other and some at themselves saying that they are responsible for the lost. Well said. But is that what the people wants from their swing of vote? Just to see people leave the party?

And worse is when I switch on to RTM1 to see any updates on GE(the last time was during god knows when? *maybe during my childhood watching Power Rangers*), all the thing they say in the forum discussion is how they wanna see the so called "Parti Pembangkang mereka" memenuhi manifesto mereka.

Since when the govt of the people's choice became mereka. If this happen in the last GE then it's very understandable as BN won. But now is 50 50. Doesn't that mean the "mereka" paid for half of the pay for you stupid fags in RTM1?

This shows that RTM is owned by BN and not the govt. But that's not the main point. Isn't it kinda obvious what the people wants from BN? And the only thing that they can think of is that, the minister is too old, the minister got attitude prob, this minister need to step down, this minister this and that minister that.

It's very obvious what the people want is unity and stability. What the people what is the abolishment of all the stupid bias bills and law that is in the constitution. Maybe easier said stop doing all the bias treatment in all the sector which is not even written in the constitution in the 1sr place.

Well, maybe that only applies to the non-muslim. But how about the Malays? Can't the BN see that they need to find the root the the problems which fury the Malays? Corruption, corruption, poverty and also the govt way or work and services. Can see why I mentioned twice corruption? Cause that is the reason for all that! People suffer because politicians living in heaven with the corruptions.

Are they really that dumb or just too arrogant to see what is the way the people want? Just damn abolish all the stupid racial party and time to build a new multi-racial party. And just have transparency in the govt. Sounds not possible? Of course it's not because they don't want to. BUt giving in is better than losing the election right? Look at their condition now? No one gonna pity them.

Even if the opposition didn't bring much development in the next 5 years but they are able to unite and ensure transparency, I don't see why they can't win the next election. Lolz. It's just damn easy, BN win election= BN drastic moves. That easy!

Seriously, I still think Pak Lah is still a good leader (I think Mahathir corrupted even more), but days have change and people has voiced out. It's still the same old problem even during Dr. M's time. But too bad it's voiced out now and there's nothing much he can do bout it, other than take actions and change.

Let's all toast for a better Malaysia with this video clip. Awhh so much patriotic than the stupid song that BN made for our 50th National Day! See MULTIRACIAL ark BN!

Olimpik Di Beijing (Olympic theme song in malay) By Malaysian (not Malay) Singers *Penny in it too!*

Shall put a stop to all these endless political stuff for now. Next post onwards will be back to my normal yet interesting post. Alamak: This post suppose to come with interesting pictures... but I can't get it uploaded. Stupid blogspot! Will update it soon.

At last: It's updated.


joefernandez@fernz said...

Opposition can only ignore Indian votes at their own peril
- Indian vote bank the Achilles Heel in a two-party system

By Joe Fernandez@Fernz

Indian votes play the Kingmaker role in Peninsular Malaysia, not Chinese or Malay votes although there is a lot of talk about Chinese and Malay dissatisfaction. The Indians have been conveniently forgotten by the instant pundits-plagued media, again. The Chinese and Malay Opposition are just jumping on the bandwagon of Indian dissatisfaction and adding their own petty issues which detract from the core issue in the just concluded General Elections: Indian dissatisfaction with the BN. There is nothing the Chinese and Malay Opposition can do on their own without the support of Indian voters. Just as easily the Opposition won five states in Peninsular Malaysia, they can lose them again at the next General Elections if the Indians defect to the BN. That’s why Samy Vellu has pledged to stay on as MIC president and continue to soldier on. He knows. He knew. Even know, he’s plotting the destruction of the Opposition day and night.

It is not the Indians alone that are dissatisfied with the BN Government. Others are dissatisfied too. The difference is that the votes of the Others cannot make even an iota of difference at the polls against the might of the BN without the votes of the Indians. An Indian vote in a marginal constituency is worth its weight in gold compared with a non-Indian vote in an ethnic-majority constituency.

If the BN wants to win back the sizeable Indian votes in the 64 Parliamentary seats (BN obtained the Indian votes in only three Parliamentary seats), it must not touch the following in a negative way: Hindu temples; Tamil schools; and Tamil language.

It must not allow the Civil Courts to compromise the Federal Constitution by bending over backwards to accommodate Syariah Court rulings in an adverse manner against non-Muslims.

No snatching of non-Muslim corpses by claiming that they had secretly converted to Islam by reciting something in front of some people on their deathbed.

No bringing in foreign workers, legal and illegal, at the expense of Malaysians. Depressing local wages by using foreigners is also unacceptable.

The BN Government must rein in the Malay Police who are brutally engaged in a long running war with Indian youths. So many Indian youths have been beaten blue and black in police custody, and even killed, for no other reason other than their race. Has even one extra-judicial killing been investigated and the guilty punished?

The BN Government must make efforts to Malaysianise the Malay Police, the Malay Civil Service, the Malay Judiciary and the Malay Teaching Service. What will become of the Lingam tapes? There must be substance in the follow-up, not just form and cosmetics.

The BN Government must ensure that equal rights, as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, are respected and honoured. Don’t drag in the question of special privileges (for the Umnoputras certainly) to deny equal rights to all.

The System must be for all, not just for some people. Contradictions, deviations, discrepancies and hijacking of the system must be eliminated. Government created opportunities must be made available to all, without fear or favour, and not just for some people only. There must be no discrimination or quota systems. The NEP, instituted in the name of the Bumiputera masses and the poor and socio-engineering, must go because it has been abused and abused enough time and time again to enrich the Umnoputras at the expense of all.

The Malaysian Prime Minister must behave as a Prime Minister for all races and not just for the Malays. He should never tell Indians to go and see some stooge of an Indian community leader when they have grievances to discuss with him. One day Badawi says he has big ears and the next day he refuses to meet with Hindraf leaders.

The Malaysian Prime Minister must stop saying things like: Melayu mesti buat ini, Melayu mesti buat it, Melayu mesti buat ini and itu, Agenda Melayu, ketuanan Melayu, perjuangan Melayu yang belum selesai, Melayu Baru, Islam Hadhari, incorporation of Islamic values, the Islamic state, the Social Contract etc. These are things that should be raised by Malay community leaders and not the Malaysian Prime Minister.

The BN, Umno in particular, must stop bribing Indian community leaders with some crumbs to betray the community.

The BN must not insist on the MIC being the sole representative of the Indian community in the Barisan Nasional.

Finally, the Opposition can only ignore the Indian community at their own peril. Don’t take the community for granted and become complacent and rest on your laurels. Anwar Ibrahim is no magician. This man has never impressed me. He’s a shallow intellectual and political chameleon – Chandra Muzzafar is right - who jumped on the Hindraf phenomenon (makkal sakthi or people power) and did very well for the Opposition. He must be laughing himself to death at the utter stupidity of the BN leaders in handling the Hindraf issue just as he was laughing himself to death when he effortlessly went from ABIM leader to Deputy Prime Minster although he made a mess of every Ministry he headed and would have made a mess of the economy too in 1998 had not Mahathir stepped in and sacked him. Let the Indians have their rightful place in the sun or witness Malaysian politics going into a long period of uncertainty, swinging from one extreme to another, and finally degenerating into chaos, instability and economic ruin.

The Bumiputera community was the excuse for the NEP in 1970 in the wake of the searing Sino-Malay race riots of 13 May 1969. Today, the Bumiputeras have nothing more than the proverbial shirt on their back and have turned to Islam in solace. They were used and thoroughly used again and again since 1970 as an excuse to enrich a privileged few, most of whom have since gone bankrupt and bankrupted quite a number of state institutions too.

The Opposition, in power in five states, should not make the same mistake with the Indian community which has put them where they are now. True, Others supported too. But their votes would have meant nothing at all against the might of the BN without the golden Indian votes, the deciding factor. Just look at the way the votes went in the just-concluded 12th General Election. However, the BN has been wise enough not to publicly blame Indian voters for their electoral debacle.


Akinol said...

See Here

Kenny Choo said...

Whoa! What a long comment. Indeed that we always forget the Indians, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun and etc. That's why I think there's no way to please everyone other than equality. Multiracial, multireligion and multilingual is the way to be. It's not difficult to do after all. And after all isn't the minorities are the one that are suppose to have isu isu sensitif that the whole nation need to take note of and not some rich and political powerful majority.

Not to say that this race is pitiful and that is not. So the best way out is to have equality in everything that we implement then!

So sorry for the absence of indians and other minority concern in this post. But as I say equality is the way to be.

Screw the old saying that "When it's a malay problem, its national problem. When it's a chinese problem, then it's a racial problem. When it's an indian problem, there's no problem!"

It should be this way instead, "When it's a Malaysian problem, It's a huge problem!"

Kenny Choo said...

And the link is not working. Please check again. Thanks and thank you for the comment!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!