Thursday, 27 March 2008

Nuffnang: change the WorLd (Death Note 3) Press Screening

Super happy today *smile* because the great people of Nuffnang got me an invitation to watch the press screening for L: change the WorLd. OMGness I wanted to watch it since the day it's out in Japan.

Been very excited over the trailer and all. And I get to watch it 1 week earlier than the actual releasing date in Malaysia. *yippie*

And the best part is, they gave super huge poster and a press kit. *pro* So nice! Now I don't need to search up and down for pictures to do my movie review.

Not to forget the free popcorn and drink. This is like the best movie experience, other than the couple sit in KL Pavilion. But this is better.

As everyone was saying,what is there to show when L and Kira died? There's not even any continuation in the manga. But I somehow hoped that Kira's sis have one of the Death Note. *lolz* But that didn't happen neither.

The story revolves around the 23 days after Watari and Kira died in the movie. It's nothing to do with Death Note and that is already clearly stated in the name of the movie.

L burnt the last two Death Note and that will the last time anyone hears from it. So what is the whole movie about?

L is on mission to fight another Kira which kills not using Death Note but a deadly virus.

And they are called the Blueship. The protector of the planet.

Along the movie, L is helped by two kids. One of them is this Thai boy, named Near by L. (Contrary to Near who is an American in the manga)

And the good professor's daughter, Mika (contrary to Mello who is L's protege in the manga). As you can see both the kids have named M and N to show the relationship with L. As to be based on the manga.

The movie has nothing to do with the manga story other than using the manga to explain who L is and so on. It's a tribute to L as the previous two movies is more on Kira.

There's a few scenes that are not to be missed:

1) L's soft spot when he is with kids. Best part is when he uses candy to make a trade with the little kid. Damn funny.

2) L trying to stand straight. OMGness. So not L-ish at all.

3) L trying to jump into a jet. An impressive feat by a person who only consumes sugar. *lolz*

The movie did lost it's the element of Death Note. Not much battle of the wits and all. But it's a new spin off to L's character. So don't expect much from it in that case but take it as a new movie with L in it.

I think it's worth every cent of your usual RM10 ticket if you are a die hard Death Note and L's fans. For those who have not watch it or is a Kira fan, you will most probably think that it's worth the discounted student price ticket only. It's overall a feel good movie at the end.

The fellow bloggers who are there. Simon and Robb was there too. And also Shaun and Sasha. But never got a chance to take pictures.

K and L. Aiyah why my name K. K is the bad bitch in the movie. Oops spoilers!

Michelle of Nuffnang. Faster come curi the pics.

And you too, Joshua.


joshuaongys said...

lolz... i choose not to really talk about what happen in the movie and u're terbalik.. u talk bout most stuffs in the movie hahaha

Kenny Choo said...

Wahaha okla not much spoilers. I saw one blogger type the whole synopsis out. Haha.

Must tell people about the story also la. Or else ppl get fooled by the fact that there's no death note in the movie.

Which is kinda sad lo. I miss the old days. L vs Kira vs Mello and Near

Jan said...

yer... so nice being able to go and watch the movie @@ i am so jealous lolz... seems like very very very nice..

joshuaongys said...

lolz ya i saw dat blog also.. copied the whole summary.. dang lolx...

YA!!! L vs Kira vs Mello and Near!!! too bad la the manga too short.. sigh

Angie said...

I don't like L. He's too disgusting, especially with that excessive sugar consumption.

But good job. I don't get what you're writing about, so no spoiler for me. :)

sheryl0202 said...

wah you guys are so fortunate! Can go watch movie on weekdays afternoon somemore. Unlike me, trapped in the office! YAWN

Kenny Choo said...

jan:yeah it's very nice to me... but I can see that non death note fans gonna hate it alot.

joshua:Really short lo the manga. And can see towards the ending they are rushing to end it d... Like very pointless and no much skills needed.

Kenny Choo said...

angie: haha actually i'm a Kira fan (except when he went super crazy at the end)... but L it's also okla. He looked like a cool zombie.

Hehe did that on purpose, if I were to explain everything, honestly the movie got nothing much left. Thanks for dropping by thou.

sheryl:haha I also don't wish to be that free... what to do? waiting for uni placement! sienzzz haha

Skyler said...

Lucky you! I also wanted to go but had work to do =(((

Simon Seow said...

Oh, didn't have the chance to chat with you that day. Maybe next time. ;)

Kimballsos said...

Hi, I was 1 of the blogger there too... I think i was the 1 that put the whole synopsis there.. It was provided with the very impressive press kit...

ti3nD said...

woooowww! such a great treat from nuffnang.

last time i alwasy get free tiks from digi nia. or cut out the malaysiannewspapers from uni. haha.

sounds interesting death note3!!!

must watch!

Kenny Choo said...

skyler:hehe not really that lucky considering that I did hope that im not free (studying)

simon: yeah, didn't have the chance to chat with you too. I only remembered you as the energizer guy. Haha cya next time

Kenny Choo said...

kimballsos: Never have the chance to meet u that day. Haha the guy I mentioned have spoilers alert on. Haha not u. But the press kit is indeed very impressive. Love the pictures in it

ti3nd: Haha exactly... but this time is press screening sumore. Nice one! Hehe

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!