Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Northern Malaysia Trip 2008-Day 1 (Langkawi)

This is like a super outdated post! It's been 2 mths after the trip. Sorry for those who long for the pictures. Hehe *blush*

Okay let's get down to business and lotsa pictures viewing to do! Two months ago my colleague (ex) in OCBC made a road trip to the Northern region, now ruled by Barisan Rakyat. We left KL at 2am at night and I only know the day and time we depart 24 hrs in advance. Haha =.=

So on our way to our 1st stop:

Langkawi Island

Driving (accompany the driver to stay awake) at nite is really not easy. But the cool thing is that the PLUS highway is so dark and misty...Oooo... Really misty! I thought it was haze at 1st until Hon Loon asked me to put my hand out.

It's wet! And guess what is cooler? This...

Extincted very long time ago in KL. Ahh my pride! Iswara. It's at the resting area. The we continue our journey and drop by at YC's house in Taiping for bfast. And in no time we reached Kuala Kedah.

The terminal.

We waited for a while in the Jetty as the ferry just left.

Kinda muddy and look at the contrast. Old fisherman boat vs the new jetty.

The attendees of the trip. Me, Hon Loo's two friends, YC, Lai Mun and Yinew (Hon Loon the cameraman)

We slept in the ferry and once we reach the island, we were greeted by this lovely yacht.

Awhh... How good if I was in there instead of this funny smelling ferry.

The Dataran Helang.

After checking in and dinner in Kuah, we went to our 1st stop in the Island:

Gunung Mat Jinjang-RM25 for My Kad holders.

We went for the cable car.

And don't you think that this sign is kinda lost it's way from KL?

The cable car trail. Damn high and it's only supported by two tiangs.

The gondola.

The scenery is just superb.

The sea.

U can see the shadow of the clouds on the forest. Cool!

Once you reach the top. It seems that you can see Sumatera if the weather is clear.

The temp on the deck is damn cold and this is the bridge from above. We need to walk our way down to that bridge! What happen to the invention of escalators?

Not open during bad weather. Sounds so not safe. *worries*

On the way we saw this.

And this hollow tree. U can see the ground thru it. Wonder how the xylem and phloem work in this case?

The magnificent bridge. And one thing about being a good photographer.

You take good photo for people.

And you get a very not orientated one in return. (This is the best of the worst.)

All of us at the bridge.

Then we decended the mount and went to the yatch club at the bottom of the mount:

The Yacht Club-FOC

The cosy place.

Interesting architecture.

Restaurants along the way.

My dream yacht.

A russian restaurant. Very Sharapova looking. (The only Russian I know)

Mahathir's The Loaf.

Made out of real bread! Don't pray pray. (Mahathir meng-action at Abdullah)

The Jalur Gemilang which travels around the world.

After chilling a while there we head back to our hotel:

Langkasuka Hotel-One of the affordable hotel in Langkawi

I rushed back just to see the sunset! *haha*

Small hermit crabs

 ad all the way from Langkawi.

Dead squid by the beach. BN?

The nice pool.

The romantic poolside. That's all for now, more to come. I shall end the post with this...

And this is what we found in the bathroom. Swtness. For those who dunno, gayung is the plastic ladle for bathing.


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