Monday, 12 November 2007

Mahathir's Piece of Loaf

As promised, I will review on the bakery which our ex-Prime Minister opens in Langkawi and now available exclusively in Pavilion KL. Its has a simple name, The Loaf

Mahathir stood up to his words when he says we need to embrace the Pandang Timur Plan because this bakery uses 100% Japanese chefs and recipe.

They even made Mahathir the mascot. How cute.

Well, to fulfill my curiosity, with my wallet opened wide I decided to buy some. Its seriously freaking expensive. Price ranges from RM4- RM8, with the average of around RM6 per piece of Delifrance size pastry.

It seems that it will not be affected with the hike in flour price since it is already so expensive. But I think the cost also due to the box. What for of having such a nice box? All the box is the same size and no matter how much you buy, you still get the same box. Saw some stuffing like 20 in one box and some buys only one in one box. And normal human are only capable to hold one box in one hand. So stupid. What if I wanna buy more? And no plastic bags available.

This is what I bought, some onion on top of some bread, tomato tuna and a cinnabon look alike.
Which come to a total of RM15. Faint. For the sake of

It's so expensive it will be able to withstand the price hike of flour for another 50 years. In our 100th anniversary of independence, Mahathir's loaf will be the same price as Gardenia bread.


Wai Hong said...

Try the choc thingy, it like a puff pastry with huge dollop of chocolate mousse in the middle. Delicious but nearly choked on the rm8 price tag.......

Kenny Choo said...

I saw that, I thought it look kinda weird but only to find out later that it was the best there

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!