Tuesday, 20 November 2007

"The Best Years" Is The Best

Who says high school mean girls vs geeks is out? With a new twist, this kinda plot will have a new come back. This is why I'm so addicted to this new series on 8tv, every Sunday at 10pm. It is called The Best Years, named after the lead character Samantha best.

Love the lead so much. Not your popular girl next door. But the characteristic she projects is definitely the type of people I would like to meet. She is just so cool!

It really reflects the life we are going thru now such as love, friendship, family, financial problems, betrayal and many many more. It might sounds as scandalous as Desperate Housewives but this is better as it is not over done like DH.

Because of the hints of scandals and problems in it, it actually reflects some part of our daily life. And it actually make me feel better after a long week which have just past and also prepare me to starts a new one tomorrow. Monday blues.

It's definitely a feel good movie to me. It lets me at least have a place to sit backs and reflects on the thing that people do to others in a very different perspective. I use to think we are those who live in M'sia would never experience the life in the US high school. Those mean girls bullying the geeks. But the reality is, we are lucky that our high school lives are good but when you leave high school, the "real US high school" is waiting for you.

This is very true, especially in the working life. As human grows older their limit of sensitivity is lower. Things are taken in more harshly. Everyone is more personal. Maybe I haven't really reach that point yet but its good that I experience this things early to prepare myself for things ahead. Its always good to start early as long as you are not affected by it.

To read more about the series, visit the site here. And please help me up to sign the petition for a season two here. You might be the second M'sian to sign the petition after me.

Update: They are Uni students actually. All grown up. Just that their lives are nothing else like high school lives which is actually kinda true in the real world. We got more childish in the bad way as we grow. Lolz. And Sam ( the lead) got a cool job at the bar to support herself. How cool.

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