Sunday, 25 November 2007

Spice Girls Spiced Up Once Again

Say you'll be there and the Spice Girls are back. Better than ever. Age doesn't slow them down. They just aged with glam. Who can forget those days when Mel C, Mel B, Emma, Victoria and Geri was at the top of the charts. Still remember those days when we use to sing their songs and remembering their lyrics.

Don't really know why, but I have the things with stuff which is in a group of five. Like Power Rangers, Thundercats, all the boy bands and definitely Spice Girls. Oops... dirty secret all out. The Spice Gilrs are really one of the pioneer of pop stars. Those who put their image above everything. Sounds cheeky but this are the things that sells and not easy to maintain.

Now they are back and their debut performance took place in the 2007 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Another event which I'm interested in. Not just the hot chicks, but also is because the hot chicks. Those hot chicks with attitude like Heidi Klum.

Check out this Tesco Commercial by the Spice Girls recently. Hillarious.

And also the new singles by the Spice Girls. Headlines.

At the moment, been watching their movie, Spice World. What a classic. All of them are chubby then, but their acting is just so-so. Their world tour is starting soon, wondering is anyone kind enough to sponsor me to Hong Kong to watch it as a Xmas gift. *Dreaming*

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