Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quit Your Day Jobs And Concentrate On Your Night "Duties"

Make more babies, Chinese told (The Star,

SIBU: The Chinese should make more babies to arrest the community’s dwindling birth rate.

State Urban Development and Tourism Minister Datuk Wong Soon Koh said lower birth rate had resulted in the country’s Chinese population plunging from 37% in 1957 to 25% in 2005.

“This will slip further to 24% by 2010 or a drop of 1% in every five years,” he said at the United Chinese Association’s 30th anniversary dinner.

He also voiced his concern on the high number of Chinese migrating to other countries.

He said that to stop such migration Chinese parents should enrol their children into the local universities instead of sending them abroad.

“There are good colleges and universities in this country to cater for the local population.

“There is no need to send their children abroad for further education,” said Wong.

Group to study reasons behind population drop (Sin Chew Daily

THE Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia will set up a committee to study the drop in Chinese population in the country, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The daily quoted federation president Tan Sri Lim Gait Tong as saying that the committee, would study why the Chinese population had fallen from 40% during Independence to the current 25%.

He said the Chinese must improve themselves in terms of quality when the community was facing a disadvantage in quantity to continue fighting for their interests.

As I always said, don't blame others for being the majority, when you are the one that is not doing anything to change the situation. Haha.

"Quality better than quantity" days had passed very long time ago. So what are you all waiting for. Make more babies.

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