Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Heat is Here

Not any other heat. Its the General Elections heat. More and more interesting stories ahead. Better than those you can get in your favourite Chinese Drama, scandalous series, telenovela and etc. It will be so fun no matter you are Pro Goverment or Pro Opposition. Standing at the side and watching is the best. And then just chit chat around about it.

Notice about the General UMNO assembly. The following is the highlights of the meeting. The things they are discussing instead of the reality we are facing.

1) Spending millions to buy over the crap Suyoz shuttle which send our "angkasawan" to the space. Let me make it clear, its not usable. Just to look at. Its rubbish.

2) Asking Air Asia stewardess to cover up. It's a disgrace according to the Wanita UMNO. I wonder how many of them are actually Air Asia stewardess there. Anyone complained?

3) The Wanita UMNO speaks up for the PAS members that they are shocked when Abdullah and the PAS leaders hold hands (shook) when launching the ECER. Yet never heard anything from PAS themselves.

The list goes on, and I didn't have much time to follow up, by just reading one day of the newspaper already discovered so much. There's plenty of things to be focus on, the poverty, the lack of competitiveness and also why are we lacking since the past 50 years when Singapore across the border which have the same starting point as us have surpass us 50 years ahead. Shame on you.

We always highlight what we good at. Being top 100 in this list that list. Why not be top 10 or even number one. U might say it is impossible, but why across the causeway, Singapore manage to do so? And the worse is when they say, listing is not important, it doesn't reflect the reality. Then why you embrace those minor little things like, we have the biggest this and tallest that when the reality is there's some in the rural area can't even afford daily amenities.

We really need a reality check. I can say why countries like Singapore is so much ahead. And for your information, Singapore in the pass 10 years has climb up top 10 in almost all the listing eventhough some they can't really change like the country size and forest reserve. The reason why is because their government will highlight to the people what they are lacking and move on to be better as a country. And eventually there's lesser lesser things to be highlighted. While we are blinded with the fantasy the things the embrace and tell us. And worse hide all the shortcomings. And the problems accumulate.

Heard about Bersih, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Election demonstration? Well its something for a change. Let see what is install next. Sometimes I rather small little kids being the political leaders as there not much different from what we are having now. Childish old people on the top with most of them emphasising to one word, greed.

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