Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Today On News

The top 3 news on Malaysia today really get my day on. Let's start with something heart warming.

Top News No.1
Kind souls return cash (The Star,

'Broom award' for two agencies (The Star, two state government agencies were publicly rebuked when they were presented with a broom each on stage by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo for failing to collect assessment above the 50% mark required for 2006

Receiving the "honour" is Hulu Selangor District Council chief Tukiman Nail (in black) with a very dulan face. Thank god at last someones sees the need to highlight the flaws in government agencies and not hiding it. Khir Toyo (the one in light blue) rawks eventhough sometimes he is not that efficient also :P

Upnext will be the most "entertaining". A must watch! Especially the second last clip.

Top News No. 3
Zam slams Al Jazeera’s coverage-The Rapping Way (The Star,
Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin or AKA Zam,
has strongly criticised satellite television station Al Jazeera’s coverage of Saturday’s illegal gathering here. He says that they are projecting the wrong idea and all.

But let's think about it, why would Al Jazeera from out of nowhere come out with their idea on how not democratic is Malaysia. Of course they have their references and also who is the one projecting the wrong idea to them. It is because of all the hiding of the truth and only embracing the lies that causes the foreign media to so called "misunderstood".

And can anyone actually get his point in the interview? He is almost like Syed Hamid in my last post on the BBC interview. Thanks to this we are on almost all the major news stations.
A must watch!

Its also reported he
describes the coverage as biased, unfair and confusing to people living overseas, he said he would write to the station stating that the Government was aware of what the station was trying to do. I think its a good idea since no one would understand what he is crapping. Writing will be better and he will eventually ask his English competent secretary to write the letter for him.

The best part would be that few days ago, on The Star as well, a reply by the Manager of KTM saying that they will improve the English language of their staffs that doing the public annoucements, after receiving a complaint sent to The Star saying that it is so bad that its a disgrace, as the train is travelling from Singapore to KL. It seems that now our ministers need it too.

Really makes me wonder, how can he be the information minister when he can't even inform. What have he been doing in his English language class I wonder. Lee Kuan Yew must be laughing his ass off by now.

And Jeff Ooi is an blogger which is interviewed in the news. So, I shall say, blogger gives the best speech, at least it is much more understood compared to the Zam interview. But of all topic do have to agree with Zam that Jeff Ooi is not and independent journalist and he is a DAP member. But every Malaysians has the right to speak up just like he has the right to rap on international news. (See Im not being bias)

That's all for now. Do join us again in another news update in kennychoo.com, same time, same place. And that wraps ups our news today. Assalamualaikum.

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