Sunday, 4 November 2007

Pavillion is Really Shopper's Heaven

Gotta name KL Pavilion as my next favourite shopping place. Its has everything I want under the sun. Nice food, nice environment and nice shops. But the place do come with a pricy tag. But who cares, with that you will enjoy it better.

Everything there is really plus on its price tags. Not only that, even the names of the shops is suffixes with the word plus. Don't believe? Take Red Box Plus as an example.

The pricing must be plus plus too. But it looks kinda nice, can't wait to try it and shout my lungs out.

Other examples are like GSC Plus, Giordano Concepts, Padini Concepts, Parkson Pavilion and many more. But there are no ardinary brands as we use to know them. A shirt in Giordano Concept is around RM100. Very big difference with the Giordano- Normal. Lolz

Even Parkson Pavilion cheapest brands are like G2000 and Padini which surprisingly you can't find in Parkson "Grand", Sungei Wang. And the "bestest" part is when you try out the clothings. The fitting rooms... ahem I mean VIP fitting suites.

It even have a table and chair. I took so long trying out as I'm sitting enjoying the music. I took so long to try the clothes on until I heard the promoter says, "still haven't come out?"

The place is really awesome with the simple design all, just bricks and glasses.

It even have a stairway like the one in the Colliseum for people to sit and enjoy the stage. And expensive way of lepaking.

Really freaking nice.

Its really nice everything I wanted is here at last, even shops that you can only get in outside Malaysia. Especially the eating place. Such as J.Co donnuts.

Looking at the queue you will know how nice it was, gave up on lining so I went to tapau The Loaf instead. Remember the bakery Tun Mahathir opens? The only one in KL. Read it on my up coming post.

There's also Tony Roma's, Pasta Mania, Crystal Jade, Dragon-I and many more. Will visit and blog about it one day. Even Lecka-Lecka is so nice here.

And Loius Vuitton is just opposite it. Well its just nice to see it from outside, never got the guts to go in yet. Maybe with my half a year pay in OCBC I will buy a wallet there.

Will deffinitely go back there again to shop. Its like using the same amount of money to get better stuff, environment and services. Whoa. And next time will be posting on the food there which is mostly exclusively available there.

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