Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Most Juciest, Scandalous and Sexiest Malaysian Dreamgirls Episodes So Far ( Ep 3 & 4)

Everything takes a big turn in episode 3 when Sazzy had that ugly fringe. OMG what have you done to your hair? Freaking hate it.

*Lolz* but that is not the main point here. The biggest plot is Ringo of Cheeserland.com was sent off in the 2nd episode made a grand return because one of the contestant pulled out.

This cause lotsa drama as Ringo wrote this on her blog:

Now I can confirm that they are really blind!! (Or at least their contact lenses expired and grew fungus.) There are a couple of girls whom I think were so totally undeserving actually made it. Like hello, what were the judges thinking?! I don’t wanna let out names, and I’m not trying to be mean, or jealous, if that’s what you think (Ringo, you bitter bitch, stop dreaming and get plastic surgery or something!)

But, there’s this one girl right, I was so surprised she even got through the audition in the first place. She’s just sooooo not the model material. I think it’s such a wasted place and it should have given to other candidates, who are obviously so much better than her.

I think he (Kenny Sia not Choo) really did a good job in the show. Also, Elaine and Jimmy are extraordinarily nice this time around (although I don’t quite agree with some of their choices), and I do believe that they are really really nice persons in real life.

Well, it's kinda well said and nothing much personal about it. Come on man, the girl just got rejected and just commented on an anonymous person!

*Lolz* I wrote worse stuff and yet I told Hanis that I did it. Haha right gal? Please don't hate me. I'm just trying to give my two cents opinion the Janice Dickinson in ANTM way. *my fave*

And this is what the rest have to say bout it:

Elaine: What's your reaction with Ringo being back? *awkward silence* It's okay you can be honest, no one have any sentiments towards it? *more awkward silence*

Cindy: I believe everyone is worth a second chance and everyone is giving her a second chance but looks like it's not going that well.

Cindy: When it comes to the net, you have to make a choice bout what you wanna say because you will not know when you will meet those people again.

Natasha: We were all upset because we didn't expect someone to say such things. But Ringo said what she wanna say from her heart from her mind. So, we can't really comment on that.

Nadia: I don't like her much! But she's a blogger, everybody in the net knows her.

Ringo: It's only been 2 days but it felt like two months!

What a dramatic responses the rest gave her. Hmm. Come on, blogs is almost like a MSN PM or a friendster shout out. It's meant for personal use and public views. Like it or forget it!

Haha it's very interesting to see that in reality shows, people tends to talks bad bout each other. And they know they will get caught in the end as the shows comes to the air. Lolz then why so? Is it scripted or something just to make it more dramatic?

If not then it's kinda stupid to do such things that will make people hate you and refuse to vote for you. Hmm *thinking*

But the Byatch of the Week definitely goes to Nadia. Not only she made the harsh comment, she was even commented by...

Alison: Can I be... like err... completely honest? It's horrible. She my friend, but I find her very annoying sometimes. (Gosh, I foresee a favour in return someday)

The 3rd episodes is about their tutorials by Elaine Daly and their makeover. To see the real thing, watch it on the site.

Then comes the 4th episode. Nothing much bitching around. Started with Jimmy Lim giving his tutorials. Boring boring and then... wala.

Competitive photo shoot. And the theme is Sexy!

And someone swept me of my feet.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Har? This is Ringo ark? Freaking hot man.

Most of them look damn good in video, but in pictures... well wait till I review them soon. You can see it here at the gallery.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The top 12 is missing by one now. Jean has pulled out halfway in the show according to Ti3n who read about it on her facebook.

Wah! I some more saw her at the Pajama Party. So sad wei.

I think this week no need to vote already lo. Can save money. But must vote if you wanna win the RM10 000.

So, that's all from me. Stay tuned for Janice Dickinson with guest judge Tyra and Ms. Jay in the next post, reviewing on the pictures!


ti3nD said...

hei kenny. great updates!!

haha. save vote to win the rm 10000:P

actually, i was thiking like
"if im a relative to anyone gal in the contest, i might invest rm9k in making 9000 votes, will i be the winner?"

if i dont get the rm10k. hopefully the gal can win, thus winning the nissan car + rm10k can compensate my loss.

hahaha. wat do u tink?

Kenny Choo said...

Looking at the reaction that everyone giving to the show. I don't think much ppl watch it. Lolz. But just need to beware of fanatics fans which you dunno how crazy they will be in voting.

Haha. 9000 votes i think can win the rm10000 as one person will not vote that much. but for a girl to win the car. 9000 scared not enough only.

Kenny Choo said...

haha what if im another relative of another girl, then i invest 9001 votes... wah the 9000 votes one mah die lo.. both prize also didnt win.

So i think is a good investment but will anyone take the risk?

Same like the chipster competition, i thought of like renting from a wholesaler a big sum of chipster to win the macbook. like paying 30% of the chipster prize and after the photo shoot the chipster is return back to him for sale. but looking at the winner that nite. luckily i didn't do it.

That fella is really nuts. I think the wholesaler near my working place also don't have that much stocks

ti3nD said...

haha. true also larh. qutie risky anyhow. We will never expect this type of chisin-moushizou-super rich-fellow to throw sms vote jus like that!

and for me, the show is getting more boring nowadays.
i wan to create a poll to vote out ppl in my blog, soon. whahahahah.

Kenny Choo said...

haha if the show got some hanky-panky scandal happen in it (some one cheated) then there goes all the vote that we sent. Haha we are talking bout 10K le... lolz.

I will be the 1st one to vote. Haha. I so want Nadia to be out now!

ti3nD said...

that is why. all those are out of our control. after we sent in 9999 votes, and we stil lose in the end, really got ntg to say lorh.

hahaha.. i want hanis to be out..!! yeah nadia is top3, mind me, top 3 to be voted out! lolz.

in the end, i create a poll to vote for who will win instead of who should be out. lolz.

ti3nD said...

DENGGGG. 2 of us were wrong.

2 more out of the show dy.

new episode out.


Kenny Choo said...



They must have read our blogs and just to prove us wrong... I going to watch it now


ti3nD said...

look at the bottom 5...the nex rd they are at risk too since they have little supporters... unexpected larh.. those that we want them out first must have got alot supporters. ISH!

who knows? later fiqa becomes champion -_-"

Kenny Choo said...

damn weird la the show... they never say the votes from voters is how many percent or what...

those that take good pictures also kena bottom 5...

hmmm...no eyes see d

ti3nD said...

LOL. that is y i said it is getting BORED!

i read it somewhere before that it is solely based on vote. Jusges just give comments nia.

aiihz what to do... first time showing online show mah.

forgive them larh. haha.

Kenny Choo said...

Already very give face to them d by not kutuk-ing their show yet they give such bad judgement over the girls. OMGness so no eyes see d.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever. http://bit.ly/bllhx1

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!