Thursday, 6 March 2008

A Day Out And Movies Marathon

Just the other day I went out with Pei Yee and Chooi Yee to watch a movie. And from a movie it turns two. I think we are just plain free.

We had pan mee before the 1st movie and Jeffrey join us after his Uni.

It's been some time I meet that two girls. They are always the MIA's of the group. So since we don't meet often. What else do we do? Pictures lo!

Them without me! *furiously snapping the pic*

Then my turn, me and Pei Yee.

And the other one, Ah Lui (Chooi Yee).

Then we had dinner in BBQ Plaza.

Very obvious the vegie is for garnishing just before the picture is taken. For godsake, who bbq the vegie?

Me and my bowl of rice. (Carbo=more crunches)

Them. It was a great meal. And created kinda mess when I try to fry the vegie on the pan with so BBQ sauce. *pssstt*

Oh yeah, back to the movies. Seriously I think I watched too much movie during CNY. Start to forgot that I watched half of them!

On that day itself we watched two movies. One of it in TGV was Step Up 2 The Streets. The sequel for Step Up.

It was pretty good and a feel good motivating movie. Like all dance movie suppose to.

The whole dancing in the rain is damn cool! How often get to see wet chicks? Reminds me of the joke why does the male chicken got excited when a cat fall into the water? Figure it yourself!

Just one thing that can be complained! The female lead of Step Up, Nora Clark didn't appear once in the movie. Only that Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) appeared like 5 minutes.

Which got that two girls pretty excited. OMG this is so sexist discrimination. But I still prefer the 1st movie.

I think the plot is much more motivational. The second movie is just almost the same plot just the change in gender in their respective role.

This time the girl is the poor child. But I still think the best dance movie is still gonna be...

Honey by Jessica Alba.

Who doesn't like to see Jessica Alba do her thing? But the plot also much more better than the rest like Stomp The Yard and etc.

And the dance moves in the movie is much more relatable. More humane in away and not all the stomping and back flipping.

Next we went on to watch CJ7 in GSC. We literally rush to the next movie at the other cinema in 1U. Lolz I dunno why we did that.

The movie is just pretty ok. Yah, JUST.

Due to the lack of adverts on TV, I thought they wouldn't repeat the same mistake as they did in Kung Fu Hustle by showing all the funny part on TV and end up not laughing in the cinema. I was so wrong!

The lack of adverts is because of the lack of funny part in the movie. *swt* Really nothing much to laugh about the movie.

And the so call famous touching part is sooo... well I shall say short and poorly executed. Before I reach the point I tell myself, "I think I should start crying at this part", the father is saved by the alien thingy.

I haven't even got my tear glands to be activated. Lolz maybe it's just me. But I don't think this movie can par with his previous works.

That's all for now. It's 5am and I have gym tomorrow!


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kai said...

hi, i had a question about your blog from a really long time ago (13 July 2007) about the copycat stuff. So i posted a comment there but thought you'd might not read it since its old. here it is again.

the first picture you put in with the two lions. what is the brand name of the red one (right-side)?

thnx in advance

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!