Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Post CNY Programmes

Was dreadfully bored during CNY but after CNY then all the post activities popping out like pimples during exams and waiting for university placement. Lolz. My complexion is better now even though still dealing with quite a big amount of stress.

So why am I busy? Err because... darn! I don't even know why am I that busy? Oh, I remember. People leaving, people celebrating Valentine’s Day and people’s birthday are around the corner. See? I was very busy doing things which have nothing to do with me. Lolz.

But I did it willingly okay! *shine* Plenty of farewell for Kelly and Jess. Did lotsa things on Sunday. Watched Meet the Spartans. And I shall say it's funnily lame... but Kelly suggest otherwise. Lolz she seems emo after that movie. We had good food and great time that day. Thanks everyone! Thanks Kelly's parents for the Ang Pow. Wahaha. Pictures on that later when I upload it to my comp.

And then went shopping with Jeffrey for his fake valentine's present. Not a real date it seems. Lolz was very difficult as he doesn't wanna give the wrong impression (appearance not up to standard) and not hurtful to his almost empty wallet. But he did manage to get something at the end which doesn't really got my approval other than the thing can cope very well with his financial status. Lolz. Good luck man in the date this Thursday. Call *switch off phone* when you need help.

Today went out to watch Elizabeth with Hao Ran. Great show! He also shopped for his valentine gifts. It seems when all this important dates draws near the guys will normally be broke. They spend so much that they never even reward themselves that much most of the time. And then we also shopped for Eang Bee's birthday present. But we are seriously wondering will she know how to use the thing we bought for her. Lolz hopefully she does. Not cheap you know!

This year it seems that I do not have someone to celebrate valentine with or even to give anything to. Yea, can save money for my next trip. But I've made a plan to have a special Valentine's this year. The most unique one in my entire life! We shall wait and see... *biting nails*

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