Friday, 8 February 2008

The Opposites Way of Thinking at the Opposite Land

On the 1st day of CNY this caught my attention. Haha it really speaks out loud. Too bad it only happen across the border. This will be good if it's BN's another move to win the election. Nah, impossible.

Muslim leaders oppose ban

MUSLIM community leaders have spoken out against a school’s attempt to ban non-halal food from its canteen, calling the move a step backwards for the community.

Ridzuan Wu, chairman of the Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies, which promotes conversations between different religious groups, said: “I think we’ve come to that stage in Singapore when it’s really not practical to look at things in such a narrow way.”

A furore started when Boon Lay Garden Primary School wrote to parents last Friday, saying that only halal food could be eaten or taken into its canteen, which sells only halal food.

The announcement upset non-Muslim parents, who felt it smacked of discrimination. The school said on Monday that it had made a mistake and will not go ahead with the move.

Yesterday, religious leaders said it was not wrong for Muslims and non-Muslims to dine together, as long as Muslims eat halal food.

Religious leaders and school principals The Straits Times spoke to all pointed to the need for more education to avoid misunderstandings. – The Straits Times / Asia News Network

This really made my day, after a boring CNY lunch, prayers, tv watching and dog peeing in my car! Lolz it's golden in colour! Very ong!

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