Sunday, 17 February 2008

Penny Tai (戴佩妮) Is Back

My all time favourite singer is back. Not with another album, but in fact she is not gonna be coming out with any album soon. Now she is going freelance with this band which she formed named, D-Power. So she will release her single music every month or so on the net to be downloaded by people who are interested.

How nice! At last she is doing something she has wanted to do all this time. This shows that you don't really need to act cute and dance like an idiot to sell your music. And she even got her new video done.

No Penny in the video except a male parody of her and she did appear at the very end. Better version on her site here. The song is not something you expected right? At 1st I was like WTF? But since she is doing freelance, so she can do whatever she wants. Lolz maybe that should apply to myself as well.

And she did took some new and unpublished pictures of herself. Very nice.

How nice to to do something at the end which you really like doing. And she blardy has a Canon SLR camera *drool* which I'm dying to get as my current digital camera is really a junk. She also takes very good pictures and it can be viewed in her album. She also had her site on so that everyone can listen to her new songs. Her slow numbers are good as usual.

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