Friday, 13 July 2007


Who is the largest copycats in Asia? Definitely Malaysia and Singapore. Well both of them are overgrown cats that turn into a tiger and a lion. Wanna know why I say so? Read on.

Still remember than Malaysia just build a ferris wheel call Eye On Malaysia? Well Singapore come out with a better one. The Singapore Flyer. Honestly both of them are lame. Just because London and Taiwan and many other country have one, doesn't mean you have to build one too.

Even the logo of the two ferris wheel look almost the same.
Fun Fact 1 : Singapore Flyer is the largest ferris wheel in the world in the measurement of its
Fun Fact 2: Eye on Malaysia is the largest PORTABLE ferris wheel in the world. Its like telling
Singapore, yeah we can move ours, can yours?

Not only that, Singapore have this reverse bungy thingy in Clark Quay call G Max. Guess what? Malaysia have the same? Its in KL Tower and its call G-Force X.

Both of them originated from New Zealand. But its from different company.

Even development projects is a competition. Singapore come out with its amazing Marina Bay. With the most expensive casino, a rain forest, expensive office building, floating stadium and lotsa expensive building. And jeng jeng jeng Malaysia got Iskandar Development Region, with Danga Bay in it and also other commercial area.

But all this new constructions and building which cost billions of dollars should also be complimented with million dollars of maintenance. Or else after a few years it will just goes in to the drain. Really gotta say, Malaysian tends to build impressive stuff but does not have the initiative to maintain it. Do you know that the ugly construction site next to Puduraya, the Plaza Rakyat, is suppose to be the second tallest building in Malaysia and the 7th in the world? But what you can see now is only a place for beggars and mosquitoes to breed.

Even the MAS building is plan to be build into an impressive building. But not only its not done, the MAS building is sold out i think last year due to the fact that MAS is not earning any money. But how can that be possible?

So this will be my very last post about Singapore for now. There's plenty more to say about that neighbouring county but it will leave it to all the yum cha session. Or else I will have nothing much to talk about.


mijim said...

Lucky Malaysians still refer to 'bola speak' as 'football' and not 'soccer'.

Random fact.

Kenny Choo said...

Haha. Still very true indeed.

kai said...

hi i know this is a old blog but i had a question about the first picture you put in, with the two lions. what is the brand name of the red one(right)?

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