Friday, 18 January 2008

Mang Liuz Gathering

Better take a break on the Bangkok post or some might just fell asleep with my Thai trip. I seriously fell in love with Bangkok and now Langkawi. So I shall blog about Mang Liuz as we recently had a gathering.

Mang Liuz is the gang which is formed when the bunch of nothing-better-to-do people come together and study in KBU. Look back it's been 2 yrs and thank god we still keep in touch. Though we have many ups and downs but the memories are definitely sweet. Especially look back at the time in Genting. Look back at the pics everyone did changed alot. For the better I mean. Haha

Haha the history of this group is really funny. It's all started with the group joke-maker Eric who once love to use the term mang liu and got us all to follow the habit and eventually we name ourselves Mang Liuz especially during KBU Icon when we made the banner for Siew Wui and Project Superstar for Zun.

On gathering day, I met up with Siew Wui and Jess for karaoke session before we head for dinner with the rest. Kelly, Sai Meng, Chooi Yee ans Pei Yee was not there that nite. But Pei Yee did drop by during our karaoke session. It seems she has exams the next day. You go gurl and good luck. Drink more Ribena ya! (Making fun of her bf's name)

After that we had our dinner in Jack's Place. Food was great but price wise... haha should have just went to Shogun for buffet, cause it end up almost the same price. But this might be our last gathering as everyone is getting busier and Jess and Kelly is leaving for Australia soon. T.T must seriously find one day to stay over at someone's house. Haha Jess we are so coming during your farewell, get ready and the rest don't be too busy ya.

And on another note, I had Big Apple Donuts on that day as well.

Wah they have even more variety.

And no one is lining up for it. Haha what am I waiting for? Attack!

My personal favourite is the Cheesy one. Very nice.

Will be back blogging about Bangkok on the next post. Stay bored. Haha


jessw said...

I miss our time when studying at KBU although that college has very 'good' management...really going to miss you guys like donno you guys....muakzzzz

jessw said...

oh ya,.....remember keep in touch guys....don forget not only me but don forget each others....we stay together as mang liuz...

Kenny Choo said...

sure we will... after all who are we without mang liuz... fast fast have stayover at ur hse b4 u leave for aus
which still make me super jealous... sieness need to wait till may!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!