Friday, 25 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (Elephant Ride, Snake Farm and Rose Garden))

It's time for me to continue my travel log coz I did nothing much today to blog bout it. I'd slacked by waking up late for gym and didn't make it. Blame Hannah for this. Way too tired... Haha. Not easy camwhoring with a celeb ok!

Gonna make this fast as I'm currently continue to watch Death Note after I manage to stop for my A-levels exam. Super f-king addictive. Now I really gotta choose between blogging and Death Note. Haha. So on the 3rd day of my Bangkok trip, we joined the tour which include the Floating Market and the following places. One of it is the Snake Farm.

The snake farm is nothing much to me actually. Never went in as it is not included in the payment for the admission and we are running out of time. But manage to walk around the place.

And saw this cute little crocodile for sale. Dead, real and also very expensive.

Then also got this cobra.

There's also this antiques shop and I found this super old foosball table. Really reminds me of the days in KBU.

Then beside the snake farm there's this two temple. A thai temple...

With very nice details.

And something interesting is this two outside the temple. Haha they are targeting to attract the Chinese and the Indians. Monkey= Chinese Monkey God and elephant= Indian Lord Ganesha (the god with the elephant head). Haha wonder what is for the Malays? Your guess?

Beside it is this very familiar Chinese temple.

The details really look like the ones we have here.

Then we were brought to the Elephant Ride.

Didn't go for it because it's not included and not worth it.

First time for me being so near to a real elephant. *Excited*

Then the last agenda of the tour is the Rose Garden and the cultural show.

The Rose Garden is actually a cultural centre which displays all kind of Thai handicraft and culture and one of it is carving.

A huge Buddha looking at you.

This is also carved from wood. How detail... so wanna own it. *drools*

Then to the cultural show which showcase all kinda occasions and festival traditional Thai people carry out.

The celebration for a young boy going thru his monkhood. A Thai boy need to undergo a period of his life and serve as a monk for a certain of time. It's like NS here except that this is only for the Buddhist.

Then it's the dances from the different part of Thailand. Like this is the Southern region and to me is the Malay Muslim region. See anything familiar? And it's even call the Bu-Nga Dance (Bunga=flower=malay)

The Northern fingernail Dance. Lolz. That is really it's name.

The Vichanee Dance from the Central Region.

And the bamboo dance by the Northeastern region.

And then the rest joins in the dance. Their clothing really shows their religion and weather. Haha the cold northern and Muslim southern need to wear long sleeves.

The finale of the show is this flag dance which actually the singing of the famous song "It's a small world after all" and the dancers holding the international flags. =.= swt. But notice that Singapore flag is missing. And there's like 50% of the visitors there are Singaporeans. Haha so sad. That's all for now, gotta continue with my dae-it-note (the way the japanese read it).

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