Monday, 31 December 2007

The End of 2007

It has been a long year for me. This year I definitely learnt a lot and surprisingly those are small little things I over looked for so long. All the small little things I never thought it will be so important. More over I seem to know a little more on why am I here today. Sounds like something that normally heard in movies but one do need to know what is the best for them. After all they are the only one responsible for themselves.

What do I looked forward in the new year? Nothing much actually. To me resolution always turn out the opposite of what you hope for. Just don't want to jump into conclusion what I want myself to be. Surprises always sweet.

Hopefully what I at least hope for is that in the case of education what I will plan do come true and all things I love to do I am still able to do such as hanging out, travel and updating this thing with interesting stuff in my life. Its getting less interesting I know but with so many things in my head it really block my creativity state of mind.

Just attended the countdown party in Bukit Bintang with VIP access with Eang Bee and Hao Ran. Thanks Hao Ran for the tickets.

Here are the pictures we took just now. Some chinese singers who no one knows who they are.

Can't get the pictures of the famous one like Justin (Kevin also knows him) due to the blardy rain.

The 8tv host with an inch thick of make up.

Keep wiping their sweat because afraid that their face cement will melt off their faces.

The 3 of us.

The fireworks. Best viewed in small pictures.

Happy New Year 2008!!!

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