Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Decorations

At last I'm back home and settled down. What trip I shall say. It makes me thinks a lot and make me feel and appreciate what I have. It's good to go around and see things which has a bad side and make you appreciate what you have. It's like after all you are still here and you are not that unlucky after all. So stop complaining.

Eventhough Christmas has just pass, but the mood is definitely still here. I mean the mall decorations. It seems that Tourism Malaysia had come out with this competition to search for the best mall decoration and the winner goes to Mid Valley Megamall. Not my favourite though. So this is what the did to won. Look kinda Halloween to me.

They even have some duku-langsat hanging from the ceiling. Truly Malaysian.

But no idea what is these mushrooms doing there.

But my favourite is still 1 Utama. My college mall I shall say. Very nice.

Even this British Soldier looking thing will play the drum and turn around.

The KL Pavillion. I like the tree not technically a tree. It changes colour and carollers can actually stand on it and sing. How brilliant.

The whole place has a white Christmas themed. So nice.

Then, The Gardens with it's fruit garden theme I guess. Nothing much special.

Till you looked closely and notice that the fruits on the tree are real but it's dipped in wax. But not that brilliant as itchy handed people tends to damage it and causes it to rot when the outer wax layer is damaged.

Sungei Wang with it's ala lala Christmas with a Cinderlala chariot.

And the worst shall be Times Square. They only have a gigantic tree.

Actually there's more which is worse like Low Yat Plaza and all but those are not even qualified to be even compete as they really did nothing and for the rest who competed well budget is not everything is the creativity that matters after all. Wait till you see what Bangkok have to offer. Stay tuned.

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