Saturday, 22 December 2007

Needs Answer Fast and Super Emo-ed By It

It seems that chasing your dreams is not as simple as how bad you want it. Now I can really sees that putting your heart and wanted to do what you want for you future is not the only thing that matters. Currently I'm looking for a course which suitable for me to pursue my dream of doing architecture. But it seems that I do have many choices but all is not that ideal in their own ways. So let's analyse it.

1) I can choose to go to Lim Kok Wing to do a foreign degree which is 3 years.

This will cost around 80K. It is a Curtin Degree, so recognition shouldn't be a problem. The problem as you all know Lim Kok Wing is super "popular" for being bad and is damn far. But at least it is under the 100k price and is a degree programme. So if I cant afford to go Australia, I can at least graduate here with a foreign degree.

2) Taylors also has Architecture but only in the form of diploma.

The thing is that I got my a-level already, is super reluctant for me to go back and do diploma. But the good thing about this diploma which is 3 years is, it will have 2 years advance standing in Melbourne Uni. So I can get my degree in 4 years in Mel U. But it comes with a price tag of 150K. That is the stopping point. If you do not have 100K in hand you cant go to Melbourne and means that u are only a diploma holder. GG.

3) Third choice is the cheapest of all. It will be doing a local degree programme in one of the local colleges like UCSI and Taylors (soon to come in April 2004) which is 3 years.

So far none of it is a partnership programme which means none of the degree is a foreign degree. And so far no partnership Uni would like to recognise and take the student for and degree transfer. So if I were to do it here, better of I do it in LUCT with a Curtin degree. Which the sole purpose is that I can do my practical training in Australia hopefully.

4) If everything failed to appeal to me, I think I shall choose another course instead. But what should I do? Any idea?

Things are no longer as easy as in high school or in college where the path is there ready for you and the only thing you have to do is to be good at it.

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cindy said...

Limkokwing's not that bad, all my seniors which graduated got really good jobs, mostly in australia. And it's definately cheaper than Taylors, but just by a lil bit. =P

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